CFL Viewership and Reach

CFL published information Sept 23, 2017

Looks like older is being replaced. This is a quote from the article

"Early evidence is that the league’s effort to draw new fans and especially younger fans is working.
The league has never shared this before but their latest numbers in terms of reaching new and younger fans are suddenly solid, especially in the key 18-34 age group.
Ages 18-34 35-54 55+ 32% 39% 28%
Twitter 63% 18% 4%
Facebook 52% 31% 13%
Pick’Em 27% 46% 24%
Fantasy 35% 45% 19%

Attendance is up one per cent despite an empty stadium in Toronto and a 0-8 start to the season in Hamilton. TSN is down slightly."

Into the game came Christina Litz to tackle the problem. You could make a case that she’s becoming the league’s most valuable player.
Not becoming; is, and has been for a long time now. :)

Travel Pat and Slim Jim will not be happy about this positive news.


Sadly but true.

The CFL needs to get off this exclusive TSN bandwagon. With so many people cutting the cord, we would be far better off with a game or two a week on Shaw or CTV.

The problem :

With BCE owning the Argos, it puts the CFL in a tough spot. So, in 2021, use Shaw as leverage to push BCE into a game or two on CTV.

Either that or TSN becomes an OTA broadcaster.

Does not matter who owns the Argos , with what BCE is paying for regional hockey games with a 1/4 of the cfl audience , they or someone needs to pay ......the cfl rights charity should be over under our new commissioner fact it should be over before 2021 ....if they can renegotiate terms then our league should be able to as well ..........I am sick of our league being screwed and giving our rights away for peanuts when our ratings are exceptional.

Amen to that, brother.

But do you think cord cutters are watching OTA instead of cable? I'd think the vast majority are watching online. I don't know if there's a Numeris equivalent that monitors online viewership, but I'm sure Bell must know how many are watching the TSN streams.

I'd think the best way to cater to cord cutters is to make TSN streams available without a cable subscription, which is now required. They could get involved with DAZN or TSN could make their own version with a monthly fee for access to all TSN programming (or a just-CFL option would be cool) without having to pay for other cable stuff too.

Re : "I'd think the best way to cater to cord cutters is to make TSN streams available without a cable subscription, which is now required."

That is what I meant with OTA. Perhaps I am misusing or misunderstanding the terminology/technology.

Hmm, I thought OTA meant over-the-air, as in the way we used to watch TV before cable came along, like CBC is OTA for much of the country.

It does. Isn't that the same as "mak(ing) TSN streams available without a cable subscription"?

My point is that I think most cord cutters don't even bother with a TV, or if they do, they connect it to the internet rather than an OTA antennae.

Now, if you want to watch a game via the TSN website, you have to enter info that shows you subscribe to them via cable or satellite. So if you just want to watch a CFL game on your computer or phone, you can't.

If you live overseas, however, you can. You can pay $3 US per game, $25 to watch all games from one team, or something like $100 for all the games for a whole season. They should be working toward making this available for Canadians too, or they risk losing touch with those young cord cutters.

I can live with that. If I didn't have cable (I do and have no intention of getting rid of it), I'd happily pay $100 a year for the CFL, and an extra fee for the World Juniors, and walk away from the rest.

I just worry I'd be in the minority.

I hate to admit it, but cord cutting could be the death knell (too strong a word(s)) for the CFL as we know it. Jim, to his credit, was the first to voice his concerns and I dismissed it. I was wrong.

I swim daily and I talk to some of the young (early 20's) life guards about this or that. Almost NONE of them have cable. That means NONE of them are watching the CFL - even if they wanted to.

The CFL has to ensure its games are available to more people - especially the young.

I wonder if putting CFL games on Netflix (live) would help?

Even I have Netflix and they are always looking for programming. Any revenue steam is a good revenue stream.

Anything to try to reach younger fans online is a good thing in terms of promoting the league. But you've got to do something to make it easier for them to watch the games too. If they don't have a cable subscription to TSN - they aren't getting the games.

What do you suggest?

I have cable so all of this cord cutting is foreign to me.

There has to be a solution, doesn't there?

I understand that even the NFL is suffering so... it is big.

Stream some games for free without needing a subscription sort of like what the NFL did today with the game from London streamed on Yahoo and

Plus put some games on over the air stations.

There is a reason the NFL puts almost every game on over the air stations. Even the ESPN Monday night games are shown on over the air local TV stations of the teams involved.

Good suggestions.

What about TSN becoming OTA?

One of the reasons they created TSN was to encourage people to buy cable. Since that no longer works...

Plus, why is BCE spending so much money on fibre?

I'm not going to pretend I understand BCE's play but it sounds as if BCE is banking on their NEW ULTRA FAST FIBRE to bring people back from wireless. The hope being, it will be so fast, people will NOT be able to resist.

Sounds good except, I am pretty happy with my wireless and I can't imagine it being faster - or, if it is faster, that it would make a difference to me.

Having said that, Cope is a smart man and he says it is a game changer.

Anyone have any input?

If it does work, it would help TSN and the CFL.