CFL Videogame: Madden Rosters; End of Season Update

Hey guys!
Well, I’ve been getting a few emails recently about a possible update on my rosters so I am here to announce that my new CFL roster update is now up on my website:

I haven’t had the time to work my page much but wanted to give you a little update here also.

BTW: I’m still trying to get involed in ANY project ANYBODY is working on to make a CFL videogame. If ANYONE can help, please send me an email, I’m dying to get involed! :smiley:

This update, should be very close to accurate for you to create your own CFL videogame by using Madden on XBox or PS2!
I use a players last 4 years of CFL stats and points are awarded based on each players statistics with a math program I created and Madden.

To my knowledge, you can only do this on original XBox and PS2 since the PS3 and XBox 360 versions do not allow you to edit current players (or create over 600 which the game limits you as far as I know of).

Anyhow, on that note, please check out the update and post what you think.

Excellent work MartyMix!

Thanks Dust.
Was kind of hoping to hear from more people at least. Guess that'll be the end of my rosters :frowning: