CFL videogame in development- no joke!

i was listening to the argo show on fan 590 thismorning, and they said a CFL videogame is being developed, and they were joking around with kenny wheaton about his rating being high when it should be

pee wee said he has no clue on the release date, and they didnt mention which system its gonna be on, but apparently the player ratings are being used as fodder amonst players to tease eachother, so the players must have some knoledge about it.

I'm not even kidding, I'd actually buy around ten copies and just use eight of them as gifts (keep two for myself!) - I want the game to sell well.

I also would luv the game........but will believe it when I see it

i will buy copies for friends fursure.

Mark Cohon has already said that a game is being developed. However, their still still a long ways away.

I hope it's not some cobbled toghether POS. I hope they just license last years Madden or 2K engine.

I'v been dying for a real CFL game for years. I can't imagine how much time I've wasted over the years making custom Lions uniforms and players.

I hope The game has Coach Mode
I Have been in Madden Coach leagues for years.
I've just Lost Interest in Madden NFL Ball Games.
I want Wide open Football CFL Style in my Games.

Awesome!!! :cowboy:

Hi guys,
I've been playing a very good CFL game on my computer for about a month now. It's called Maximum Football and you can download current CFL uniforms, stadiums, logos for the field and end-zones and have a really fun time playing the CFL. The 2007 rosters will be available soon. I have a 28 team CFL (14 Canadian cities and 14 American cities). The game is not Madden, but it is quite sophisticated. I suggest all of you check it out.
Long Time Fan

I heard they are talking with Hasbro about using the vibrating playing surface system. While it is difficult to control the player movements, this technology was mega popular in the 60's...

put it on Xbox 360 and make it better than Madden.. make the Madden creator jealous as hell!

Maximum Football is a very good attempt at a CFL style game. The only drawbacks are it is not officially licensed, it is kind of expensive for an independent game, it is very buggy, and there are some errors in the dynamics. All that being said it was created by a single person over the period of a few years. I truly hope a professional outfit is really working on a CFL game.

dont bother with the 360, that systems a joke

PS3 is the way to go, that said, i would also buy a lot of copies to try and make it sell well

Please refrain from turning this into a console fanboy flamefest.

I hope they're not actually developing their own game. What would work really well is if was a mode in a game like Madden, where you can turn on CFL mode and get all the CFL stuff.

Building an entire top notch football game from scratch is extremely expensive, but its not so bad if you add CFL support to an already existing game.

Some of EA's NHL games take this approach and have the World Cup and some European Elite leagues as well as the NHL stuff.

I've seen both, my son has a 360, and in my professional opinion (I develop software), both systems are quite good, and each have their own quirks.

For any game to be truly successful, it needs to be available on all the major consoles.

lol I hope it's on PS2, otherwise I'd have to convince the girlfriend that I HAVE to spend $500 on a new system.

I hope its on ps2 so i dont have to get 500 bucks for a ps3

its great they are finally making a game!


PC! PC! PC! :rockin:

Beyond that, put it on whatever console you want.

Xbox's only cost like 400$(depending on what level(basic, pro, elite))(elite's are 500 without tax)(the halo version is likely the safest to buy)*you can buy a pro xbox system in the states for 350$, and as the CAD$ is = to the US why not if you really are crammed for cash, probably could buy directly from microsoft* PS3 on the other hand is like 550-700 haha, not going to go anywhere near that thing until next year(and a price drop)
prices are from bestbuy canada(EB games is cheaper the xbox360 me thinks)

the xbox 360 is better now then on it's released the newer versions are better with a much lower chance of having bugs(like destroying disks) mine seems to be working fine