CFL Video Game

Not perfect but, hey!

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It boggles my mind why the CFL and its players association would not get behind this, or at least put up the resources to make a game of their own or through EA.

I went to the developer site and watched the video. It needs better graphics but beggars can not be choosers so whenever I get around to buying an Xbox (waiting for the Xbox X), I would probably look into buying this. For sure I would if the CFL would get behind it and support marketing their stadiums/teams/players.

Cool. I'll check it out on Steam.

Actually, they pretty much hung him out to dry.

From what I read, The league wanted the developer to pay for everything, and the CFLPA didn't even return his calls. His funding for the game design was cut in half once he couldn't get the CFL to license it.

No wonder the CFL has never had a game, when they haven't wanted to put any money in it, and put all the risk on the developers. I bet if the CFL approached EA with this idea, they were probably laughed out of the building.

The CFL want to grow the game with young people, young people like video games, game developer shows up with plan for CFL video game, CFL takes a dump on them.

Great plan CFL.

Agreed, what a wasted marketing opportunity to kids and young potential fans of the league. The CFL will never be able to come close to matching the NFL hype machine. I was playing Madden football when I was a little kid and loved the NFL.
Does anyone remember the QB challenge game for Nintendo 64? Troy Aikman all day!
Huge mistake to not support the game IMO.

Hopefully a New Commissioner will bring a new approach

The CFL probably did not want to support it because it was essentially built by a one-person team thus they knew it would lack in quality and content. Not a very good first impression to build upon with your fanbase and casuals who may want to have a look-see. It's possible the CFL and players association have reason to believe (or maybe just blind hope) that there is a company out there that will spend more resources befitting a pro league, specifically one that has never had a video game developed for it. Time will tell if this comes to fruition or if the CFl will continue to bungle along without a video game of its own...heck, even the Arena Football League had a game developed by EA sports.

Seems the pricing point is reasonable...

Built by 'one person' with tonnes of experience if you read his profile. With some state of the art equipment for human effects. If they want to believe there is a better developer out there that is cool, then go find him. Stop sitting around waiting for the lottery to knock on your door when it already has. While the graphics can be improved some they are more than fine for now. There a reason the CFL is failing a lot with the youth in this country and this kind of attitude is a large part of it. As you have said even the Arena league had a game at one point. Also, nobody says you have to give this guy exclusive access to the CFL game market. Simply give him the licencing he needs to use the CFL player rosters, team names and stadiums and any other thing he may need. Then go out and give EA the same stuff.

Would have had a budget for approximately 6 developers until the license fell through and his funding was cut.

Used motion censor tech, had local high school coaches involved in the play calls, and had local radio station hosts as part of the play by play.

The game has had some glitches, but looking at what the guy did virtually on his own, I can't imagine what he could have done with a proper development team. Big game companies that launch new games usually take 5 years with multiple teams of developers employed. Canuck Play was a 1-2 person project done in 2 years.

This isn't just a video game opportunity for the CFL, it is a way to market the league and its players. Not to mention it would be working with a Canadian company employing Canadian game developers.

I purchased this last night, but I discovered it won't even start up without a controller attached, which I don't have. All games I play I play with a keyboard and mouse.

It probably tells me this somewhere in the game page on Steam, so I guess it's my own fault for not paying enough attention to that.

So, it's unlikely I will ever play it, but I don't mind contributing $16 for its development. I just wish it included keyboard and mouse support. :?


Because you cant afford the 30$ fora PC controller at walmart, best buy or wherever?

Personally I am waiting till I buy an XBox X by then the game should have any real bugs ironed out.

Nope. Because I can't be bothered buying a $30 controller for one $16 video game. If you want to spend your money that way, be my guest.

Who cares cfl is to cheap to pay for anything, where can you buy it > ???????

They need to get carters catch on the knew game.

I will never understand the lack of interest the BoG and Commish have towards a video game, along with the CFLPA. It utterly BOGGLES my mind. I mean, Canuck Play would have gotten 1 million if they received licensing, the CFL is telling me they can't AT LEAST double that with a million invested from the league? Holy cow! I literally think I live in a backwards universe sometimes when the CFL shoots something down. "Let's try to reach the younger generation, but to heck with a video game!"

The league as a whole must have tens of millions in reserves, if not more, I honestly think this is ludicrous. Good on the guy for making it, but man I'm not a fan of it not having a player editor or team editor, brutal.

The thing with the CFL and EA is that the NFL doesn't want EA to make anything other than Madden. So heres the solution. Approach the company that made the NFL 2k games. Apparently more people liked that developer over EA anyways and only lost out because the NFL gave exclusive licensing to EA.


When I don't plan on watching or following my team for a while (like the als until durant goes away)I usually have a way to play them on my ps4 in one way or another, to remain engaged, to still be able to represent my team.


Formula 1



All but the CFL.

More than that, video games add exposure to new teams. I've been playing as the Nashville predators in the NHL series since 2008 and now I follow that team and buy their stuff.

I cannot count how many of my friends grew up on the CFL, bought Madden for their football fix and are now full fledged NFL fans with their favorite NFL team with no interest in the CFL.

Every year the CFL doesn't get with the program, and find some way to get a video game in stores is another year they are signaling that they don't care if the under 35 crowd continues to flock to the "cool" football down south.

And if that's the case, that's fine, but they should just be honest about it and say that they don't care about millennialsinstead of some lip service about trying to grow the game with young canadians.