CFL Video Game

Sorry I couldn't find the other thread that had recent conversation about the topic, but this is a bit of a revelation I guess so figured the news warranted its own thread.

So as some know, Canuck Play is a company that is developing a game called "Canadian Football 17". I have been keeping up with the game hoping they'd get the CFL license, but today I read a post on their Facebook that claims the CFL had no interest in the project and are pursuing their own venture apparently.

Here is the part of the post that mentions this.

"Unfortunately, the linchpin to this whole endeavour rested with having a pro license. The local angels would only invest if there was a league license. Why? Because unlicensed sports video games only garner about 1/1000 the sales numbers of licensed titles. That’s simply why there are no AAA level unlicensed football titles on the market today. If unlicensed sports titles made money, companies like 2K would still be making them. The Canadian Football League simply is not interested in this project. They have their own plans and are working on their own game project. To say I’m personally disappointed with how this was dealt with is an understatement to say the least."

So could this possibly mean the EA rumours were true? Or is the league working with another company to put a game out, interesting information for sure I am excited to hear more news now that this is out in the public from a company who clearly talked to the league recently about this.

Hopefully it's true because the unlicensed game looked like garbage.

In fairness to the independent developer, he did repeatedly say the game was unfinished. He stated numerous times that this project was only at the halfway point, and he just wanted to share with those who were curious to how the development was going.

9 months of development yet to go before possible release.

considering the garbage and half hearted upgrages EA sends out every year since they bought the NFL contract, I wouldn’t knock it just yet.

Had the CFL partnered with this developer, he would have been in a better position to bring in additional developers.

considering the CFL has dragged its feet on this for 30 years, I would like to see what the finished product is first before we all go typically negative on this.

Good post, just did want to say that although EA were terrible to their customers for a long time after getting exclusive rights, Madden 16 and Madden 17 have completely hit it out of the park, they are truly good football games and it'd be a pleasure to play a CFL version.

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.
Too bad the CFL didn't get on board and grant licensing.

It could. Or it could mean the CFL hired some Chinese company to make a F2P mobile "game". Or that they're talking about doing something and it'll take another 15 years to decide what that is. Who knows?

Waiting on baited breath...

RT .@mattsekeres @Commish13 tells us "you're going to see something" with regards to a #CFL video game before the end of the year.
Perhaps at the state of the league address during GC?

That sounds good, but I have a sinking feeling, its either going to be some crap mobile game for smartphones to focus on the "millennial" market, or some sort of cheap add on From EA.

Hoping I am way off.

Apparently EA has a fully working game for the CFL based off of Madden made off the clock by some of EA’s employees. EA has no desire to release it though.

I for one would pay an extra $40-$50 for CFL DLC off of a madden game, providing it includes players and ratings, and franchise mode exactly like the regular version (adjusted for CFL). I can do without all the other crap. Being able to manage my Eskimos and pull off another 5 in a row would be stellar :smiley:

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So I am hoping this is just a appetizer to a real announcement for the CFL to have a video game, because announcing that they have been accepted as add ins for the NFL Madden Mobile app is pathetic.

Whether they continue on and eventually do something for consoles or computers, I am hoping this isn’t the CFL’s goal to be an extra on Madden. That is how college/amateur and minor leagues are treated in EA sports games.

Reading the article, I can see the big smile on Orridge’s face as he announces with glee, that the CFL will gladly promote the bread crumbs that have been tossed.

I have been one of those people waiting for a CFL game since I started playing video games many years ago, and this announcement is depressing.

After seeing the stadium mock ups etc ... from Canuck Play on You Tube it is definitely something I would purchase .

I did not know that Burnaby BC has the oldest and largest EA Sports studios . How the F do we not have a CFL game already . With the Canadian grants being thrown around left and right how did we not get a CFL game for the 100 th Grey Cup. There is enough money for this to have happened that was being doled out I would have scrapped the choochoo train for either solid infrastructure for CF hall of fame and definitely would have had a game available for you to play the 1980 Eskimos against the 1996 Argos .

Okay CFL their is grants for Canada's 150th coming get off your behind and get a three down game for people to play that follow the CFL ; enough with the excuses .

The CFL should make a video game with a fantasy draft, the best 10-15 players of all time for each position. Create a franchise mode for Canadian cities without a team.

Orridge launched his new website and logo 13 months ago and its still incomplete.

A video game :lol:

What's also funny is they came out with an old time hockey game that has 90 's sega genesis level type gaming .

It's good for PS4 , computer and x box . Jeez just give us something already that's good for multi platforms CFL leadership .

CFLPA I think could be the player if they get there act together and have any licensing money returned to the player pension fund . Could be an avenue if the CFL continues to fumble the ball . Just call the teams different names but have the players association sign off on players . I am sure it can be done . Just call it Canadian Football and leave the CFL out of it if they are too dumb to invest a little .

What year?