CFL video game

instead of making say madden all NFL teams, they should make a game where u can choose which league u want to play in, CFL or NFL. the way some sights have u choose between french or english. then we could play CFL football instead of having to play nfl. Thad be awsome, we could take our home team and put on players from around the cfl, and put on players that we want on our teams. we could do our own drafting and scouting and everything......... and maybe set up exhibition matches between cfl and nfl teams, home team keeps the rules of the home country.

that would be so wicked, and they cant use the argument that it wouldnt sell anywhere but canada because its got the nfl on there to. id spend my off season doing that and being on here lol

WOW!!!! ANOTHER CFL VIDEO GAME TOPIC!!!! THIS HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE(sarcastic)............... i actually just came on the forums thing, so i didnt know....sorry

hope tom wright goes on teh forums so he knows that we want a cfl game

lol.....there is a thread other than this one about a CFL Video Game? Actually, I think there already is a game and it's about the Gades. It's called Donkey Gong.

don’t dis DK, he my favoite, scored aa amazing goal tonight on SMS when I had him knock the ball out of the goalies arms and it rolled into the net!!! WAAHOO!!!

love you ideas 123, but they should be separate, and don’t forget custom and defunct teams, league, and season.

well of coarse therd be custom and defunct teams, i said like madden plus the ideas i threw in (i think i did anywase), but they really shouldnt be seperate because then canada would be the only country that would buy, and we wouldnt be able to set up exhibition games with nfl teams. the main reason they probly arnt making a cfl game is because canada would be the only country that would buy, and they wouldnt make much profit if any. so if they combined, everyone would buy that buys now, plus alot more canadians.

I'd bet that others besides canadians would buy the game too, just to see what the CFL is like.

no problem, you've got some good ideas here though.

now we need some developer to actually listen and make it face it tom isnt doing crap about the game we want

someone should write a letter or something, does anyone know how to contact him?

i heard it was i saw it on a forum last week

i heard it was i saw it on a forum last week

does anyone know if tom Wright or anyone of high importance actually looks on here?

i emailed tom wright, he'll probly just laugh at it lol, if he even reads it. plus he's super busy with ottawa, but hey it was worth a shot in my opinion. heres a petition. [url=] ... 77&start=0[/url] Heres a link to the other Thread.