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Hello everybody!
My name is Dave, I live in Vancouver however I am a Stampeders fan! I am a Video Game Artist (modeler, rigger, animator), Game Designer, QA Tester, and most importantly, a huge CFL fan. I spent the last few years working on craptacular Wii sports games that included football, but nothing comparable to EA Sports' Madden and NCAA football games. I've also worked at EA Canada, and am aware of the undertaking it is to create a sports video game. After a few months of brainstorming, I feel now is the time to get the wheels rolling on an actual CFL game (All due respect to the '99 release).

Pie in the sky? Big dream? Yes. But I have toiled on horrible games (I refuse to name), and now I want to commit my time and energy on a game that I would be 150% passionate about. A game that is overdue and would be embraced by many fellow die-hard CFL fans. A game that fully embraces the CFL brand of football.

I'll be honest, I wish I could waltz into the League office and plop down a licencing fee and finance the production and publishing of a CFL game, but I cannot. This would need the financial support and partnership of the CFL and TSN. The latter would enable the authentic broadcast feel of the game and perhaps advertising support. All I can do is a lot of the production heavy-lifting.

I haven't settled on the scope of the game yet, but in all likelihood it could not match the production values of the Madden games. It would likely be more 'cartoony' and 'arcadey'. Apologies in advance, but this is a budget-oriented reality.

To get started, I would appreciate the participation and feedback of those who would also like to see a CFL game realized. I will post some polls here asking questions that range in game features to which console and price point, all the basics.

Secondly, your vocal support for this project would really help get this going. If there's a way to get the League's attention and support, let me know! Perhaps pester the mods to make this a sticky post! Any owners or CFL brass reading this, please message me.

Lastly, I'd like to eventually call on fellow fans to assist in the production stage. I'd certainly benefit from numerous photos of stadiums and surrounding areas that are visible from field level. Right now I'll have a placeholder stadium built that's a cross between Mosaic Field and McMahon Stadium.I will also build a character model in the next few days. I hope to show you guys some art ASAP.

Please hit me up with your feedback, criticisms, and your two cents. Thanks!

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Oops I did not realize how many video game threads there were! I can understand the apathy.

Just want to state that yes, this is a completely from the ground-up brand-new CFL game, made in Canada by CFL fanatics. Not a mod or custom team feature in Madden/NCAA.

I always believed EA could issue a CFL game rather inexpensively, even completely independant from Madden/NCAA, because they already have so many existing assets to put it together. Heck, even the newly-announced Madden Arcade (5v5 arcade game coming out to XBLA) is composed of as many alterations needed for a CFL game. (Madden Arcade: Player models are exaggerated, field is 60 yards, you only get 4 downs total to score).

If a CFL game did succeed, only then would EA act, very much like this year's MMA fiasco (where EA turned away UFC's pitch for an MMA game, resulting in UFC finding incredible success at THQ with a UFC game release. EA would then announce their own 'MMA' title, much to UFC's chagrin).

I will release some art in the next few days to give you an idea of what it would look like.

Sounds like you have a good idea of what you want and how it should be done.

I wish you good luck as I for one would love to have a CFL game.

I think most CFL fans would definitely understand it being a little arcade-like and you do have to start somewhere.

In my opinion, as long as it has the extra guy on the field for each team and is at least semi-realistic in the game play, that's what you want to see as a CFL fan. I don't think anyone expects something like Madden 10 just CFL faces, jerseys, places. No one expects that but you do have to start somewhere. If it looks like say.. Madden in the years of Madden 03, Madden 04.. That's what you want to see and a good aiming point in my opinion.

I know my homerism of the CFL, I don't care what the price is, I'd buy it. But a realistic price is $40-55 Canadian, just like any other game. I've always thought since 2K can't produce any more NFL football games, that they should step up to the plate with one. There football games were excellent in my opinion and more realistic then Madden even in the early stages and the years I mentioned.

I mean, I'd buy it first day it came out.. I've always thought there should be one made. I have a Playstation 3, so obviously you'd have to aim for the PS3, XBOX 360 and Nintendo Wii to be the consoles you're aiming at. Never been big on PC games, but the older crowd is. Regardless, I think whatever system it came out on, most Canadian video game fans would flock to it.

I mean there is so many horrible games that you walk by when you're renting a game, and you're like.. "WTF is that.." I think most football fans would probably check it out just to compare Madden and CFL. Mark Cohon has always been big on attracting a young audience and this is certainly a way to accomplish that.

a CFL Video game would be a wonderful things, any way to get our game more noticed is a positive!

Seeing as how a made-in-Canada "cartoony" CFL video game has already existed for several years (, I fail — and I apologize for raining on the parade — to see how a new one would be accepted any more than the existing one is. People don't seem to to want anything less than the ultimate high-quality Madden-style game. I hope I'm wrong, and I cheer your enthusiasm, but don't be surprised if after you are finished people keep pining for a CFL video game (à la Madden).

I'd buy it. I don't play games and I'm one of the 'old guys' with just a PC but I'd still buy it. Any thing under $100 and I'll friggin' buy 2!
I've got a buddy at EA in Vancouver, should I ask him to support you?

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I also drink Gibson's, shop at Rona and Safeway and if I was going to buy a car would definitely take out a Nissan for a test drive. I can't do Wendy's though, don't really enjoy fast food, sorry.

Ummm... First off that Maximun football game doesn't appear at all to be a CFL video game. One of the teams is Philly and I don't think they ever played in a CFL game. All this being said, I feel that a CFL game would be great for Canada. Although many American will boycott it for sure I feel that Canadian's will endorse it fully. I also feel that we may be able to convert or at least convince some American's that our game is just as good as their's if not better. Many American's feel that the CFL is full of washed up American's that didn't get a chance in the NFL, which is true to some extent. But we do have many great universities around the country that are producing many great and talented young players. Really the NFL and CFL are the exact same game being played with different rules, bring it down to basics and everyone's playing with a pigskin trying to achieve the same goal. I would fully endorse this game.

I'm from the States and I would play it if it was available down here. I don't think it would be though, seeing as they don't even show the games and I have to watch them online if I want to see them. The Canadian rules are fun, especially the special teams. Plus, I remember a lot of the players from their time with the NCAA. Best of luck, though, I'm about to go Stream the Edmonton/Toronto game....

Fortunately today, with digital delivery (Xbox Live and PSN) a CFL game can be made available to anyone who wants it, especially in the states-- as stocking the shelves with a CFL title in the U.S. would be very unlikely. I'm kind of leaning towards a packaged copy made available in Canada, though the game is predominantly digital. A few years ago a publisher would balk at distibuting a CFL game-- now it is very feasible.

Art coming soon, promise!! (3D stuff, not a photoshop mashup)

Maximum football is fully customizable. You can play CFL (on a CFL field, with CFL cities), NFL or arena ball.

I've been wishing for a CFL football game for a looooong time :frowning:

Playing Tecmo Bowl Rom Hacks doesn't cut it anymore

What about a video to promote the CFL in Québec? Rich me at this E-mail

Sounds like a great plan, I hope you are successful. :smiley:

I love MaxFb. I have all the CFL stadiums, CFL logos, unis and field art. It's 3 downs and full CFL rules - including rouges. It's not terribly sophisticated graphically, but it can be made to look good, and it plays 12 man (including the import non-import ratios), 110 yard (20 yard endzones), 3 down tackle football in either coach mode or arcade. There are guys who've added various GM modes - attendance, free agency, etc... Is it madden, no. But it is a good CFL sim for the money IMO. I suggest that those of you with an itch for a CFL game should check it out.

Feedback ? Ok- Its way time for the CFL to have a game, that actually uses all Canadian rules and field , gameplay options should include retro players and grey cup teams , as well as a CIS season designed to educate users at the Canadian game . Coaching and play calling should have a number of play levels.

I think they should have a CFL game too. Im in Florida, the last place you would think to get a CFL game, but I would buy it in a heartbeat. I think it would be very unique and a fun game to play (in a good way, not like arcadish). And being a graphics guy I thought I would help them out by making a cover to get it going........

Anthony Calvillo CFL Cover (Click Here)

I dont see why they dont put it in Madden... the NHL franchise has European teams and with European rules so i dont see why we cant piggy back on the Madden Franchise... Plus that will shod Americans there is another league they can play for when they get cut from the NFL

I got out of gaming after the Xbox. I just can't justify buying a new system every couple of years... But a CFL game would have me back in the loop! I would go anywhere & pay anything for a CFL game!!! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!