CFL Video game???

This is pretty neat....its been modified....but i think its a matter of time if your a gamer....

I'd totally buy a CFL game but not if it's just madden style with CFL teams, I want a different, more CFL feel to the game.

Years ago, my brother had a meeting with SEGA execs and, during a break in the agenda, tried to convince them of the need for a CFL game. Their response was that CFL was just the same as NFL... :cry:

I had a free afternoon and programmed all the CfL teams into Madden 08 for Playstation 2. There are some generic logos that look kind of similar to the real ones - and you can play a round robin format with playoffs in the tournament mode. It was also fun to make the Argos into a "creampuff" team. I felt just like Don Matthews :twisted: :twisted:

I would definatly buy a CFL video game. But your right it has to be different then the NFL game. The CFL is a different game and if they get a video game it will just expand the game more. Isn't that what the league wants, more people to be interested in the league. Kids will buy this game in Canada and then want to go to a CFL game.

We been working on this mod of form a year now.
It Come along way from what it was..
Still only so much you can do with EA Product

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but most major video game companies are American and make the most of their money from American Consumers? Yes, it would be great, yes I would buy it, yes I hope it happens, but...what company would make it?

Actually a lot of gaming companies have offices all over the world. Also, EA made a Rugby game and even an Aussie Football game. So its a bad argument.

has anyone heard of WinterValley?

David Winter has programmed a game that is geared to the NFL, CFL and the Arena leagues. It is fully customizable to what ever you want. With the CFL, you have the single poiint, 110 yard field, and 20 yard endzones. And you can make your own plays with their play editor. The link is as folllows;

[url=] ... otball.2.0[/url]

I believe that the game was actually demo'ed at Ivor Wynne before one of the TiCats games a few years ago.



I bought this game a few years ago. Definitely a lot of customizability. It seemed to have some stability issues on the computer I was using at the time, but the game may have been patched since then.

I never got really into it. I had more fun with Front Page Sports: Football Pro from 1993. I think that still stands as my favorite football video game, despite the outdated graphics.

If you're the type that's willing to put a lot of energy into tweaking the game, Maximum Football will probably appeal to you. Even without doing a lot of customization it was still OK, it just never grabbed me by the throat.

I wasted a lot of hours with Front Page Sports: Football too. Great game. Loved making plays and seeing them burn the opposition or bust up in my face. Best feature for a game.

Kids won't buy this game. Kids in general don't care for the CFL. They prefer the NFL because of the media coverage and all of the over hyped players.

The CFL is a niche game. They call it Canada's game but out side of Hamilton, how many people really like the Tiger Cats? Not too many.

If Canada has a population of 30 million and say 3 million have video game systems (PS3, Xbox, Wii). I think this is a good number. So you basically have to make a game for 3 platforms for only a potential of 3 million sales when you consider Madden sells 1 million units in its first day and is usually between 2-3 million copies sold per year in a country of 300 million people and probably 30-40 million people with systems.

In reality, there may be 1 million true CFL fans. Mostly made up of 30-50 year olds. Not many older people have video games anymore, maybe their kids.

Your are selling a video game to a very small portion of people. The only way you could do it is if you did take the Madden Game and adjusted it to the CFL. The cost to produce a video game by itself is very expensive. Madden uses the same basic game every year and just constantly updates it. Does some one really want to spend 4-5 mil developing a video game every year to not make any money back?

I personally would love to see a CFL video game but I don't think we are going to see one anytime soon. It just doesn't make sense for the producers to make a game for such a small audience.

In reality, there may be 1 million true CFL fans. Mostly made up of 30-50 year olds. Not many older people have video games anymore, maybe their kids. [quote]

I am a 17 year old kid and i am true CFL fan I go to every Argo home game. And I also go to a lot of Hamilton home games. And I watch almost or at least try to watch every game on tv. Do you think there are other kids like me in Canada

As I've stated/ questioned the other 100 times this topic has come up, I don't see why it would be any different than EA adding the Euro Super leagues to their NHL game...the ice was bigger and I think the clock counted up. There was touch icing as well -- not sure if there were any other rule differences.

Seems like the retrofit of a game like Madden could happen...but, probably not enough appetite stateside to make that happen.

That said,,,,there was an Arena League game, wasn't there!?! And who the hell watches that? (Well, besides no one this year.)

Anyway...I don't know beans all about game programming -- but based on other games, my guess is this is more of a political and/or motivational issue than anything else.

Let's not forget that the average gamer age is growing with the old Nintendo generation. I believe the average gamer age is late 20's early 30's.

How many kids do you go to school with are exactly like you? I have been out of high school fro 8 years now and there was only a handful of kids who followed the CFL and this was in Hamilton. I think it's hard to get into the CFL if your parents don't like it or follow it.

I would buy a CFL game in a heartbeat but there is no market for it. The cost to do all the research and put everything together would take too much time. Hockey is easier to do to create international teams.

If you’re interested, you can pick up NCAA 11 or NCAA 10 for PS3 or XBox360. And you can download various CFL teams via the Team Builder option. While its not 3 down football, at least you can play with the Ticats and other CFL teams and grow the team via dynasty mode or one on one games with buddies.