CFl Video Game

If the CFL and EA Sports should make a video game, what should it be called, and who should be on the cover?

I say it should be called "Lancaster CFL 09" and it should have Wes Cates on the front.

They'd put a more established player on the cover if they ever released a game.

Great idea for a CFL video game! They should put Geroy Simon in his superman pose on the cover :slight_smile:

Or Alexis Serna!!

Third down 09

Geroy Simon, Ricky ray, Anthony Calvillo, Andy Fantuz, Milt Stegall, Jesse Lumsden, Cam Wake, Luca Congi, Henry Burris, ken-yon Rambo, Weston Dressler just to name a few

that'd be aweosme to make it called 3rd down because then we can rub that in nfl's face

yeah... calling it Third Down would let everyone know that not only is this our league... but this is our game as well...

calling it third down is a pretty juvenile way of separating it from the usa junk. just call it "cfl football" or some variation and be done with it.

I don't know why we continue to beat a dead horse. There will be no CFL video game because there is no money in it. When you market a game like Madden, you are marketing to 330 million people (usa and canada).

For the CFL, you are marketing to 30 million. They aren't going to put a video game out now and every year because 50 people on a forum would buy it.

This topic and expansion topic should be banned until it actually happened.

I'd like to see the sales figures for Madden. I bet you a game of equal quality with a CFL name on it would double the Madden figures. I think it would make lots of money, just not in the US, could possibly outside of it tho.

only with canada's sense of inferiority could marketing to 30million be considered a bad investment.

I hope you ment in canada it would be doubled because world wide Madden 09 eclipsed 133.5 million dollars in the month of august alone. Thats over 2.25 million copies of the game and more money made than any movie made in that month too. I'm still looking for the overall total sales but as much as i would want a CFL game, theirs is no doubt that madden will always outsell it.

in a tough video gaming market and with marketing in general you want to maximize your exposure.

the CFL game would not sell in the states, period! the football games take a lot of money to make because you have to record the star players moves and their faces and bodies, etc, etc. It would not be worth it to a company to do it to sell 500,000 copies at most.

I don't know why they can't broker a deal where Madden slaps a CFL extension on it.
Much like how EA NHL had the European superleagues.

Similar difference. The ice was bigger, clock counted up, icing rules were different.

Seems like with a few fixes, they could do it. It'd sell like crazy. However, I would think most football fans in Canada who are gamers already have (or would be buying) Madden anyway.

So, it'd be awesome. But a net loss for EA, I'd think.

But, I still can't imagine that adding 8/9 teams and stadiums, changing rules and field sizes could be all that difficult. Though, the NFL would probably balk at it. Probably don't want the CFL eroding one of their unregulated highways to market their brand to Canadian youth.

CFL Game Day
Latest MOP on the cover

Marketing to 30 million people? i don't know about that. say 1/2 the country is football fans, then 2/3 of those play video games you are down to 10 million. it might sell in some states, maybe where there used to be cfl teams or like north dakota where they all follow Dressler.

Except its not that simple. Here's the thing okay you make field bigger and add in new stadiums add the players that is nothing. Then you change from 3 downs to 4 still no big deal. However what do you do with the AI? Do you leave it the same so the team plays like an NFL team or do you overhaul the AI for 3 down football? If you just leave it people will complain that its no way realistic CFL experance.

I think it would take more than EA to add a few stadiums and change the rules etc. They would have to totally re-work the AI system because 2-10 in the states is a lot different than 2 down 10 yards to go in the CFL. Plus if i’m playing a CFL game i want 12 players and not just 11. What do u tell all the free safeties in the league? Sorry we couldnt put you in the game because we’re using the NFL format…the Defense schemes and plays would need to be re-done. Basically for the effort and money it would take for EA to do this they might as well make a whole new game. Although i would be happy with the ability to make CFL jerseys with logos in the next Madden.

IF u want to increase the marketability in Canada for a football game, include the CIS. The majority of University students these days are the very same people spending money on video games and consoles. Plus what cocky 21 year old CIS player wouldnt want to see him self in a U of S or UBC uniform in a video game. :lol:

Nah colledge wouldn't help it sell. I know my dad worked on NBA and NHL for years and I always harrassed him about making a CFL game and every time he pointed out you can't make money on it. You can break even but you can't make money on it.

What if (and this is completly hypothetical) the CFL fronts some of the cost (say 1-2 million) for the development of the game. The league would greatly benefit from the increased exposure to a younger market and then the game would have its foot in the door and hopefully sales would benefit an annual remake. All though i'd be happy with a one off game without the annual remake.

15 Million fans is quite high if you ask me...
I would say 7 or 8 tops.. Also 2/3 of them playing video games is somewhat high as well but even if you take that number. Not all video game players are sports game players