CFL Video Game

In his October blog, Mark Cohon, talked briefly on the possibility of a CFL video game; of course, he said at this time it is impossible. Canada is too small, blah blah blah, wah wah wah. Join this group on facebook ( and show him just how wrong he is! A google of "cfl video game" brings up petition after petition and postings on forums asking for a CFL video game. Join this group, invite your friends, and lets make an organized effort, even if Canada is "too small."

Do you understand hwo ecconomics works? Why make a product aimed at 30 million when you could make a product aimed at a lot more people. Of course that assumes all the people in Canada are football fans which I assure you they are not.

There might be a lot of petitions and groups, but there's definitely a lot of overlap. The same group of people are likely on each petition and in every group.

The smartest thing the CFL could do is get themselves on the Madden series of video games. I don't know how costly it would be to put in an option for Canadian rules, but the rewards would certainly be worth it. Now every Canadian kid currently playing Madden would have the option to try out a Canadian team every once in a while, or even build matches between Canadian and American teams under whatever rules they want. They'd be exposed to young fans who might not be into the CFL (yet). It would also make it more attractive for good American players to try out the CFL. At least being in the video game might keep them on the scouts' radar. Furthermore, an enormous American audience would be exposed to the Canadian league and game for the first time. Could be the first step toward an American TV deal.

Neither of the above options are going to happen. congrats facebook has a cfl video game group actually they have alot of them. they also have groups named if 1,000,000 people join i'll name my kid batman, or spider man. facebook grous are all made and used by the same group of people. just like online petitions. its people just saying hey i want this lets make myself feel better sig as many of these as i can and feel like my opinion mattered. i have seen a few of them and some over 1,000,000 and i am almost certain that 50% of them have signed in all of them.

and as for entering the madden series. the contract between madden and the nfl is made to hold all rights to the nfl and only the nfl. the reason you get nfl europe teams is because its was a art of or divison of the nfl. the cfl is a seperate organizatio of football. the nfl has no want or need to include the nfl into the madden series. because elts face it make a killing in canada no matter what they do.

it is said best the market in canada is 30 million. then minus people who are cfl fans. then mius those who don't play or have no need for video games and the market pretty much diminishes into nothing. IE no protfit margin. that means no company who is in the buisness will want to make a game for the simple fact that they will make little to no money with it.

Unfortunately, mr.footballmad is right. Its all about how much money they will make. EA Sports would never do it. Sega Sports would never do it, 2Ksports would never do it, good'ol 989 would never do it.
But then again there are Canadian video game developers that, with enough support from fans might do it. I believe the makers of the game, "Prince of Persia" are a Canadian company. Then again they don't do sports, it would be completey new to them so we would have to put up with sub-par graphics and poor gameplay in the first few years at least.
Overall, it won't be done by any video game company. No market, no money, no game.
Although it would be a huge boost to the popularity of the CFL.

Didn't they already make an Aussie football game. I guarantee that there are enough X360, PS3, and Wii users in Canada that about 90% of them would buy the game. Only if it was made really really good though howerver.

Everyone has a price, footballmad, even the NFL.

Now that NFL Europe is gone, NFL doesn't have very much programing on its TV station for the summer months. The CFL has mulled over selling their American TV rights to the NFL network. If the NFL pays any money for broadcasting rights, they have an interest to at least make sure that people know what the CFL is and tune in for games, at least between June and August. What better way to showcase the new product than slipping the teams, stadiums, and rules into their best-selling video game?

Wow. I didn't realize it was that time of the month again, yet here we are with the monthly video game topic. See you guys next month!