CFL Video Game

EA Sports makes all kind of sport video games, but I wonder why they have not attempted putting a CFL game on the market. They have the arena football game(Does anyone even watch that), they have an american college football game. I think it would be good for our game and our universities for that matter, if one of these big game giants make a game for us......Canadians.

Plus EA is based out of Vancouver

AFL game lasted a few years before being canned. The reason they don't make the game as someone who knows how the game industry works is simple. Hell its even simple ecconomics. Why make a CFL game that will only sell well in Canada when you could turn around and put those same resources into a game that could sell well around the world.

It has nothing to do with whether they want to make it or not it has to do whether it makes sense financially. It has never made sense to make a CFL game for them so they won't do it. For a CFL game to be made it would have to be a smaller game company that doesn't have the resources or expect as big of a profit margine from said game.

I know this video game talk is a deader horse than the expansion business, but being a new poster, I wanted to get my two cents in.

Arguing that it is not financially viable to make a game that includes the cfl is just ridiculous in my opinion. For example, I'm almost certain that EA sports doesn't think that enough people are going to buy a soccer game to play in the English Division 2 league (3 tiers down from the premiership) but they still include that in their game. It would cost next to no extra money to add in a cfl feature on the next Madden game. I'm pretty sure the actual game engine is the most expensive part of a game like that and that wouldn't need to be changed at all.

Personally, I'm never going to buy a Madden game with no cfl, but I would instantly buy one with cfl. I'm sure there are a lot of people out there who feel the same. So for the extra money that it would cost to add in a league (and a couple rule tweaks) they could be looking at the added revenue from (I'm guessing) thousands of new game purchases. Plus once they've got us hooked, most will buy every iteration they come out with after that and it's not going to cost them anything extra to continue putting the cfl content in the game.

You would be very suprised on how many people buy the soccer game because of the teir 2 leagues. Do you know why NHL has the Euro leagues? It boosts sales in Europe without them. Canada is not a big enough market for the resources to be spent putting the CFL into Madden or making its own game. Its not just putting the teams in and changing it two 3 downs. You have to reprogram the whole AI structor it will be NFL football with 3 downs instead of 4.

The NFL has an exclusivity agreement with EA for the Madden games, I'm pretty sure it would be in the contract that the game can't include any other leagues/players other than the NFL.

maybe if they had a game for the CFL but instead of a sports game its more of a sim city type , where you have to manage the league, nagotiate tv contracts and build new stadiums and create new teams.

Some publicity is better than none. I don't think there is no reason they can't make a game. Its not like the NFL is a better league than ours, it just has more dollar bills floating around. That is what EA is after as well. Publicize our game more, may be that should be something our CFL commisoner should attempt, try to get us a CFL video game.

Is EA sports Canadian???

I'm living in a city in England that is home to the top team in the English Division 1 (one division above what is included in the games) and they get maybe 15,000 (in a stadium that holds probably ~40,000) people per game and that's it. Trust me, the cfl is much larger than the bottom soccer divisions in Europe.

As far as the engine goes, I have to plead ignorance, but I was reasonably sure that the most effort they spen on a game is to make the players look nice and whatnot. The rule changes I think would be small potatoes compared to making the players sweat shine and stuff like that.

All I know is that over the years various people on this site and others have contacted EA and the response has always been no. So I can only assume they have done a business case and found that there is not enough money in it.

As for putting it in Madden, I think it is right that the NFL has a deal with EA which likely restricts what they can do with it.

Just a thought, but why doesn't EA or somebody produce a "Football" package featuring the CFL, the AFL and Aussie Rules and market it in Canada, the USA and Australia? It might be in the interest of these three leagues to get together on this one. :cowboy:

I think a CFL game would sell in the States. Americans love football, and I think it wouldn't matter which league, they'd play.

3 down football, missed Field goal returns, 8 team league, crazy weather, this is something Madden doesn't have. Having these aspects, shakes up EA Sports football games. Now, Madden is just repetive, it's actually getting bad now. I'd rather play Madden 2005 on Xbox rather than play Madden 08' on Xbox 360.

Even if you throw in the old American teams like Baltimore and Vegas, that way Americans wouldn't have to pick a Canadian team, they can pick an American team if it's an issue.

They made Arena Football. I think it's worth a shot, I really do.

EA is based out of Redwood City, California. They have studios in Vancouver, Burnaby, Edmonton and Montréal.


Disagree, based on how many leagues have failed and how poor the support was for them in most places.

EA is based out of Vancouver, Washington, NOT Vancouver, BC.

No. Please look this stuff up (or read previous posts in the thread) before anwering.

For the second time:

This is the list of EA locations:

* BioWare, Edmonton, Canada
* Black Box, [b]Vancouver, Canada[/b]
* Bright Light, Guildford, U.K.
* Criterion, Guildford, U.K.
* Digital Illusions, Stockholm, Sweden
* EA Montreal, Canada
* EA Redwood Shores, California
* EA Salt Lake, Utah
* EAC (Canada), Burnaby, Canada
* EALA (Los Angeles), California
* Maxis, Emeryville, California
* Mythic, Fairfax, Virginia
* Pandemic, Los Angeles, California
* Phenomic, Frankfurt, Germany
* The Sims, Redwood Shores, California
* Tiburon, Florida

canadian football fans
i found something that may be of some interest to you
and i think that the canadian football league should seriously consider getting one of these made !!
you guys deserve your own videogame !!
feast your eyes on this cfl fans!!

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

i got excited watching it and maybe if enough fans do what they have to to make some noise about this it will eventually become a game !!
take care
rich h

well if ea wont do the cfl justice why not 2k sports ??
they dont have a licensed football game right now and could you imagine if all pro football 2k8 had the cfl in the game ??
you could take all the old players at do a let see how these guys would fare in the cfl??
another neat thing would be to bring in some defunct leagues like the usfl and the wfl of the 70's ...
even include cfl teams that are no longer in existence..
make the first game all pro football 2k9 or 2k10 featuring the cfl ..
and then when the new usfl comes back include them as well !!
this way you get a football game that pays tribute to the franchises that are gone and you have the cfl in there ..
you guys deserve a football game it makes me sick and tired that ea has a monopoly over licensed football
someone else needs to at least try to make a football title!!
2k sports is foolish if they dont jump for the cfl game !!
when i first got on xbox live in 02 playing nfl 2k3 an american football title most of the people i had played where from canada ...
it would've been a blast to have those guys playing as cfl teams
i want to play as a cfl team!!

while i was doing some searching yesterday on the net
i found this

[url=] ... re=related[/url]

i hope somebody on this forums lets the cfl brass see this to get the ball rolling to make this become a reality !!
i live here in the states and i know if this was ever to come out i would purchase it !
cfl your league deserves its own videogame !
cfl fans does this footage make you want a cfl game all the more???