CFL Video Game?

Do you think the CFL should team up with a video game company to form a CFL video game?
like video game franchise Madden

i think they need to make one
thatd be the best thing ever..
seeing your hometown team on a video game...
get to control your hometown to how u think it should be done...
pretty exciting to me... i make all the CFL teams on my Madden games... from every player and attributes to the color of the helmet and jersey

That must take forever! I tried to make the Riders, and just the Riders, and it took me like the entire day! Then I couldn't even use them because I was over the salary cap!(I made every player 99) It sucked.

haha well yur silly
i make the players all realistic
and it only takes me 3 and a half hours to make all the players from one team, and i put visors if they have them, and their exact helmet, height, weight, tattoos, etc.
its pro dude...

and 30 minutes to make the stadium, jerseys, name, logo, etc.

excpet i have Madden 08 fer the Wii... and its CRAP
i couldnt do anything on it

you guys should check out a video on you tube about some mod u can use on the PC version of Madden 08...u can create the jersey logos and everything.....

you serious dude?
thatd be awsome, but id rather an official CFL game, like damn.. they can call me, ill help make one with the CFL, they can do the features, game modes, graphics, and ill do the players, attributes and whatnot, for free... just make a damn CFL game.. itd be the biggest hit in Canada

Has anyone checked this game out?

Customizable rules/fields... CFL rules, US rules, mix and match rules/fields... Even indoor fields.

Graphics aren't where Madden's are, but it's otherwise a fun game.

and the link (sorry)

thanks dude

Interesting game! Even though I detest Windows and rarely use it, I’m going to buy a copy just to support the guy. I can give it to one of my Windows using pals for his birthday


Edit: OK! Bought a copy. It was US$39.95 for a digital download.

I love this game. I have down;loaded and modified graphics to create accurate uniforms and fields for the CFL. You can download everything up to replica CFL Wilson footballs. Everyone who wants a Canadian football computer game should check out Maximum football.

See the following sites:


I’d love to see that, i mean it would be awesome. I have made the saskatchewan roughriders, edmonton eskimos, and b.c. lions on my madden, but it’s just not the same, i think a cfl video game would be awesome

I've done the same thing for my Madden on the PS2 although most of the teams aren't exactly the same I got pretty close on the Bombers, Argos, Black Riders and Lions on their retro uni's. I've created all the teams even the Atlantic Schooners which I use in tournament mode which is pretty good cause all the teams play 18 games before the playoffs.

I do like the look of that Maximum Football, I'll have to look into that because as CFL fans I think thats as close as we're gonna get.

A CFL video game ??? I agree.......

look hard enough, you can find the unis/rosters and instructions on installing.. not as easy or sharp as madden, but what other games can you have full cfl rules?

btw - the game has a few glitches. save your registration keys so you can download updates!

or you could post a link