CFL video game

Here in Edmonton, on our sports radio staion they mentioned something very interesting that got my attention. Here in Edmonton they are worried about losing the younger generation of fan to the NFL. Alot of it has to do with the Madden video game series. I would love to see a CFL video game and I know it's not a far fetched idea. Heck the Arena League has had one the last two years. What's everyones opinion on this? It wouldn't be hard to put one together, the quetion is...

Would it sell?

yes but only to CFL Fans…
So market is too Small for EA Sports.

a game is reportedly in development.

hopfully an announcement during grey cup week.

I wouldn't be surprised if either 2k Sports or SCEA develops a game. 2k's All-Pro Football failed in the sales department, so I wouldn't rule out the possibility of seeing a CFL video game such as TSN Canadian Football or something. SCEA has also been out of the football field since MAdden got that sponsorship deal with the NFL, so it's a definate possibility that either one of them or another party develops a CFL game.

I'd like to know the sales numbers for the Arena League game. I wouldn't think they would be large numbers but EA sports produces theirs.

EA Sports would make money.... I dont understand why they are so against it.. They sell in the State too

I don't think that they are against it. Commisioner Cohon mentioned a video game days after being hired as commish. I honestly think EA sports would be the logical choice. It would sell, that I'm sure of. There is fans of the CFL, that live outside Canada not to mention all the fans here in Canada.

I really don't think the Arena League game is a real big seller yet they continue to make one of those. The thing that will be good about the CFL game is like the Arena game is going to cost no more than 29.99

I don't know why they can't add it in as a part of Madden. They can have all the NFL Europe teams on there, so why not the CFL on there too?

if were on madden, we look like an NFL minor league, like NFL europe was.

I don't know if that's necessarily so. There are European Hockey Leagues on NHL '08, they don't come off as being NHL minor leagues.

yes they do.


I think the CFL game would have to be seperate. Just do it like the Arena League game. It’s not as fancy as the Madden series but it’s still a pretty darn good game.

Since I would really like to see a CFL video game now that I think about it, I’m going to ask this question. What would you want in a CFL video game? Personally I would want the following things…

  1. Historical Teams-Whether it be the Baltimore Stallions, Las Vegas Posse, or the 1980 Edmonton Eskimos, I would want the ability to unlock teams so that I could play games as every CFL team (including the Concordes, just because I like that name)

  2. Expansion Frnachise Mode-I think it would be pretty cool to run the new Ottawa team by choosing everything from the new coach, down to how you’d remodel Frank Clair.

I’ll think of more idea’s later, but what would you guys like to see in a CFL video game?

That would be good CDuffy26 escpecially the historical teams.

The Arena games were actually decent sellers, with over 500,000 copies sold.

Wow thats a lot of games.