CFL Video Game

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Has it ever occured to EA to make a CFL video game. I personally get bored playing Madden with the NFL rules. I've always wanted to play by CFL rules on a CFL field. Or just bring it in as a feature in a Madden game. Of course the fact that players usually leave the league to go to the NFL would complicate things.... I have actually heard that there was a PC version a LONG time ago. Can't find it now though.

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Even though you guys are ragging this guy, I'm brand new, so I just wanna throw in my two cents on the vid thing. Yes, I believe there was a PC game. CFL Live 99 I think it was called. No, I can't find it anywhere, I've looked. As cool as a football game would be, it'll never happen because there's no market in the States, and not enough consumers in Canada. The game would never sell good enough. It would be cool as an option on Madden, but it would be a nightmare to implement, especially with the different rules. Think about how good pressed coverage would be in that game with how wide the field is, everytime you throw an out, it would be picked off.

Only if your Danny Mcmanus!!

That's The Reason Why It's A Different, And Better, Game. There's Many Ways To Utalize The Out Pattern In A CFL Video Game. For Example If The Defender Is In Man Coverage You Can Have The Inside Reciever Running The Out And The Outside Reciever Running An In Or A Post, This Should Get The CB And Saftey To Fallow The Wideout While The SB Is Open Or Has A Few Steps On The Slower Defensive Half. The Other Way To Do It Is To Utallize The Overflow Method, Have The Wideout Running The 5 Yard Out, The Slot Running A 10 Yard Out And The Back Running A Swing Pattern. With This Someones Got To Be Open. Note That Both Of Those Will Only Work For A CFL Video Game, If You Try It In Madden All The Recievers Will Buch Up And You'll End Up Having 5 Defenders In One Spot.

Hate to keep bringing up this post since theres about a million versions but i think i found something. Its about a CFL game in the making. Hope no one else already put it up.

Exactly, thats my point. No one will want to make a brand new CFL game because of a lack of consumer base, and it would take far too much time and money to implement it as an option in the Madden franchise. Yes, there's a lot of cool strategy things you could do with the CFL game in a vid, but its just not feasible for someone to go out and make it. Unless there's something in that link, I haven't checked it yet. Maybe I'm about to eat my words. Whatever.