CFL Video Game!

Hey there,
Anybody know anything about the CFL partnering with anyone to produce a PC based video game based on the CFL? I've heard there's a few websites promoting participation. Has the CFL said anything on it? Can any of the US football programs be adapted for the Canadian game - WHICH IS WAY MORE EXCITING! Curious. Thanks.
Kelly - Rider fan from day 1

I love a PC game for my computer!

There is CFL Football 99 but I been told from people on this site that thats isn't worth it.

I know one thing if they are going to make a cfl game it better be on ps2, the controls would be too hard on PC. The best thing would be to make it for ps2 and PC.

.......holy cr*p man, turn down the volume on your name........

I signed on to a grassroots project at where they are trying to partner with the CFL and they are trying to get fan support to encourage the league.

I like a CFL Madden 2005, that would be someing!

Honestly not to be a dick, but how many times has this topic been posted in the last 6 months. Jesus.