CFL video Game???

Has anybody heard of the CFL releasing a new video game? I know they had one in 1999 but it was rather cheap? You would think the league would take advantage of all the new gaming systems coming out as a chance to connect with the younger crowd. I know the NFL and NHL has a good success marketing there leagues through gaming , and with owners like Bob Young you would think somthing must be in the works.

I would love to see a CFL game but I can't see the market being big enough. Being a big fan of Sega's 2k series, I did get my hopes up when EA bought the NFL and AFL rights. I thought, "Hey, maybe Sega can do a CFL game" but never heard anything. If it does happen though, I will be the first in-line to get it. Who knows, maybe my Als could actually win the cup in the gaming world. :lol:

ya cuz it'll be awhile till another als win. lol. but as much as i would like to stack my bombers roster properly unlike taman and win a few GC's with undefeated seasons i don't see a CFL game coming out. I know there are CFL fans in the US but not alot of them, and unless it is a small market company that does it no big name is going to take the time and money to produce one for a small market like the CFL has.

A good idea to sell it would to of course use the vintage idea and allow the oppurtunity for players to get teams like the baltimore stallins and others from the US expansion of the 80's and 90's.