CFL Video Game

Any news on a CFL video game possibly coming out. That would be a huge plus to the attraction of the game in the States. Come on if they can have an Arena Football Game then they a CFL game would have a good job at suceeding. I would create teams on Madden but am too lazy. There have been talks about putting them in Madden games with or instead of the NFL Europe teams and that would be ok because they wouldn't have to worry about the game not making a profit. I just want to know if anyone has heard any news about this game coming out.

A couple years back… ( errr… 4 years?? ) they were suposidly making a CFL title for the PC. However i think that blew over and nothing became of it. :frowning:

-if i was better at java or c++ and opengl i would… takes time learning it