CFL Video Game

Would you buy a CFL video game?

Yes . I would , but i think the bigger question would be "would anyone else buy it?"

i would buy it for sure.

As would I. And I'm sure the same would go for all the people who create CFL teams on Madden. I was going to send an e-mail to someone at EA and ask them why they haven't made one, but I couldn't find any contanct info on thier website.

I would buy a cfl video game!

I would buy the game

I would definatly buy the game to but it makes no sence for a company like EA to put all that money into developing a game with so little marketing potential


yup i would!! The thing i think they should do is add a cfl league to their madden games, like have nfl and cfl on same game but if you lpay season play or whatever or exhibition only nfl can play nfl and only cfl can play cfl! Its kinda what Winning Eleven 9 does (a soccer game) They have international teams and club teams!! I think it owuld be very possible to do this but ea would probalby just look at it and say its a waste of time.

No comparison between Football and Football (grin). There are no differences in the rules between International and Club play (other than the number of yellows needed for a suspension).

EA would have to completely rewrite a lot of code for the game. Even the College game is a separate release.

Rumor has it that the next edition of Madden in 2008 will have a CFL option on it, but this is unconformed on a gamers website.

I would buy it as well. The one thing to consider is that EA designs and produces all those games in Vancouver. These are Canadian designers, etc, putting those games together. FIFA World Cup, NBA, NFL etc. Surely we can hit a patriotic nerve and get a CFL game?

I think the challenge is that they have to get a pile of marquee players to show up, do their moves while all hooked up to the computers and so forth.

Nontheless, it would be unique and cool piece of Canadiana.

I don't buy many video games. But a CFL football game would be one for me to consider. Lets say they put the CFL in Madden 08. I wonder how many Americans would think that the NFL is expanding to Canada?

If anyone is thinking about making one, gimme a shout. I'll help out :wink:

skillz including
C,C++,Java,SQL, and lots of web based languages etc.

they have arena football games, no reason they can’t have a cfl game

hahaha funny you should say that. thats the post i was just about to make. i dont see how the market for a cfl game would be too small, if ea ventured out and made an arena game.

I totally agree with the last two posts. IF there is a market for a Arena football, then there has to be a market for a CFL game, especially if the EA people who make the game are from Canada. Also, i would buy the game teh minute that it came out! I'm not usually the type to wait all night to get a game when it first comes out, but for a CFL game, i think i would.

I've often wished that EA would add a canadian add-on or patch. Then all we would need is a way to update the team rosters...would be great.

The Canadian connection is the way to go. Vancouver is Canada's video game meca and getting them on board would make it happen.
Putting 12 men on and expanding the field with correct goal posts and rules ect would be alot of work. The rules would have to be simular but eliminating a down is not a lot of code and thats the major difference.

Give me Madden with 3 downs and Canadian teams with the right numbers and attributes which I can edit of course, I would be happy. A PC game could make this happen a lot easyier but no one plays PC games anymore. This is like Hamilton getting a NHL team, the pieces have never fallen into place over the years.

I'd buy it, but as for EA Sports putting one out, forget it...those guys are @$$holes! :cry: :twisted: But who knows for certain, stranger things have happened like the McFarlane Kenton Keith Figurine! :roll:

you' ve got my support.