CFL Video Game Project

A company called Canuck Play ( ) is developing a CFL Video game. A multi platform project which will include xbox. If you want to listen to an interview with David Winter, the project manager, go to CFL 2 and Out[u] episode XXXII /u. The interview starts at 13:12. Launch for the game is for the summer of 2017

Hopefully it actually finally happens. People have been talking about this for years. This is an important step to helping the league's image with younger people.

I purchased David's first Football video game. "Maximum Football" which I would describe as extremely ambitious and innovative but no matter how hard I tried. I was never able to play a game without it crashing. I wish him well for taking this on again.

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I had no problems with crashing when I played Maximum Football. Look forward to seeing a new CFL video game.

Ok.... :lol:

Anyway, I"ll buy his next game as well. Someone who is willing to work this hard at a CFL game. I'll encourage every time. I really hope he does well. Sticking only to 3 down football will likely make his code a lot easier to get right and graphics engine dev kits are a lot easier to work with today.

Every CFL fan should listen to the interview . The CFL decided to go with an American game developer who the interviewee states is just putting CFL logos on an American game if this is true shame on the CFL .

The CFL should have given this guy more than a brush off . This guy has worked for EA sports and madden football game development . He is working on an X Box because Microsoft assists them in development . Sony won't help with PS games however with little seed money a PS game could be produced . He is not building the game now because it's on hold because of the lack of CFL interest.

This CFL multi platform game is long over due and is a possible windfall for league sponsors and the CFLPA pensions .

I am surprised somebody has not pursued a person like Bob Young who knows how to win in the tech business .

I'll believe it when I can buy it. This is about the 3rd or 4th attempt at a CFL game but they always seem to fizzle out a few months after an announcement.

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Winter actually came out with a CFL video game prior to his maximum football. It was pretty good, basic but good. He went with Maximum the following year. He has been trying to create a CFL game for years.