CFL Video Game Oppurtunity

Hi there, I have noticed plenty of online petitions for a CFL Video Game. Also, alot of talk about it on several forums. Well, I to agree there should be a CFL game. Video games are always great to promote your buisness/league.

Will the market be big enough? That seems to be the major question. In Canada, for sure it would sell well, but how would we sell it to our friends over the border (USA)?

Give them something football and video game fans havn't seen in a sports video game. That is the new endorphin technology from Natural Motion. They've announced that there making a new football game called "Backbreaker", which will use their new technology. This is where the CFL can step in, talk to the folks at Natural Motion and see if they would be interested in making it a CFL Game.

This would catch the eye of many video game fans who have heard about the endorphin technology. The endorphin technology is catching the eye of every video game corporation out there. If the CFL endorses this game the market in North America would skyrocket! Think of all the people who would want to see this new and fascinating technology! If the CFL is serious about trying to attract a bigger fan base in NA than this is a must.

It will also allow people to see and understand the rules and excitement of the CFL. What I recommend is that run this by Mark Cohon and the CFL via email or someother way. I see this as a great oppurtunity for the CFL.

I would like to hear your guys' thought on this, it would be best if you get this news to Mark Cohon and the CFL before the "Backbreaker" game gets to far into developpement.

*** For more on the endorphin technology go to***

Check out these Vids to see more about the endorphin engine.

oh man, that'd be killer

I was going to wonder why there was another thread for a football game, but see those Youtube videos, this is perfectly fine.

a CFL game with that engine would be great for atleast huge hits, not to mention the catching/interceptions/fumbles.

I hate when a player has the ball go through another player to make a catch, doesn’t look real with this system that should be eliminated.

the CFL should talk to them, but who knows maybe they are already.

How can I contact the CFL about this?

Looks awesome. It would be great if the CFL got this.