CFL Video Game - EA Sports NCAA 10

Has anyone bought this game and tried downloading CFL rosters yet? I want to do it but I really don't want to spend hours making the teams... if there are CFL teams made and I can download them I'll but it right away for sure.

Ya, i got the game and have downloaded the CFL teams off the Team Builder or whatever its called. A few people have made some teams. I'd suggest you get it, it is an awesome game, one of the best football games I've ever played.

I bought it and yeah, the gameplay is great.

How did you download the rosters? I was searching online and found all 8 teams created by someone named "Hiddy10" and I have to say they are nothign short of amazing, 100% accurate. I'm looking for a link but I can't find it... don't I have to flag it somehow online first and then I can select it from my xbox and download it?

What I did was when you get onto your system, log into online and select TeamBuilder. Then, you should be able to search for teams on numerous critera; team name, gamer tag, etc. SInce you know the guys gamer tag, I would search for all teams made by "Hiddy10" and then it should be pretty self-explanitory from there.

If you need more help, just PM me.

Sorry I don't know about you guys but I am boycotting EA sports until they make a CFL game I haven't bought an EA game in about 5 years and I'm not missing out on anything special. So you want to send them a message don't buy their games.

Awsome game play. And CFL teams jerseys rosters and players without spending tedious hours doing the work yourself!! Some of the best team creaters that you can download for the XBox 360 version for all CFL teams are “Hiddy10”, “Kory Blackwell”, and Stupz 91.

You want to send them a message that works. Buy NCAA 10 and download CFL rosters.

do they have cfl rules or just the rosters?

This is really good to know! Any of you guys play over Xbox Live? I have a Blue Bombers - ish team I created in APF2K8, but the franchise mode in that game is gawd awful!
I was kind of holding-out for Madden, but if NCAA is just as good, I may buy that one instead.

NCAA10 is the one to buy if you want CFL rosters without all the work. Plus you can use them in online franchise mode with other CFL fans using the Big East conference which has 8 team slots. Word of caution. Buy a new copy, as you need the box code to set up the slots for downloading up to 12 created teams. You can buy 120 slots for 800 Micosoft Gamer points.

Thanks! It would be tough to find a used copy now, since the game just came-out last month. New is the way to go!
BTW, are you guys playing in any leagues right now?

The best CFL video game I have found so far is: the CFL Tecmo Super Bowl rom. That can be found at I'm playing a season on it now. :cowboy:

Granted Tecmo can be alot of fun. But I still need the simulation style stimuli.

Hey guys.. I have 360 and NCAA Football 10, I have made every team in the CFL and now I am just naming the rosters.. I have Hamilton, Saskatchewan, and Toronto complete. I am half way done Calgary at the moment..

If you would like to download them or you would like to add me, my Gamertag is GBonds

I would like to get an online league going when I finish the rosters, I would be the Tiger-Cats, so if you are interested just let me know what team you would like in a message on Xbox Live..

Count me in for the Riders GBonds. I already added you. My gamer tag is Mill Philler. I purchased the 120 roster slots for 800 points, and have downloaded 50 differant CFL team versions so far. The Big East conference has room for the 8 team CFL. The problem is that games outside the conference will be against teams that were scheduled for the team that originally had that slot. I have an idea for the fix. We find the schedule for all 8 Big East Teams, and identify those out of conference schools. In those spots we put Ottawa Renegades, the 7 or so former US CFL teams and future CFL cities like Qubec City, Moncton, Halifax.

That could be good, What I did in my dynasty(just to check out the format.) was I just substituted those non CFL teams with the generated FCS teams eg. Northeastern, Southeastern.. you know those schools EA adds in to substitute for the Div. 1AA schools the Div. 1 schools play in real life..

I have to work tonight and tomorrow night so I won't be able to finish the rest of the rosters until the weekend, but we could definitely start a league as soon as I get these rosters named..

Just an update... Hamilton, Toronto, Saskatchewan, and Calgary are completed.

Up next, Winnipeg followed by Edmonton..

I don't buy Madden or anything else because it's depressing that I can't play as the Schmo's or any of the CFL teams. I still don't get why they just can't add them like the NHL does the European leagues. Now they pack almost every European league on those NHL games with how many teams in each league, all I'm asking for is 8/9 teams. Can that really be so hard?

Now is your chance. Just take the 5 minutes to download them.

NCAA Football 10, is the closest we will probably ever get to playing as a CFL team.. All we need is Madden to wake up and stop adding pointless features that no one ever uses and add the NCAA 10 create-a-team feature to their game.. How sweet would it be to play multiple seasons rather than the 4 seasons with the tiger-cats current roster before they have to graduate.