CFL, USports working to realign Grey Cup and Vanier Cup

This is great news!!

CFL, USports working to realign Grey Cup and Vanier Cup

Holding the Vanier Cup in Quebec City has been an easy fallback option for USports because of the support in the city for football powerhouse Laval. If USports could find a way to move it for 2019 and link the Vanier Cup with the Grey Cup, that would be a win.
Does this mean Quebec City would have to have a CFL franchise in order to host the Vanier Cup or is Montreal close enough?

I guess they will do Quebec-Montreal in that case because Quebec still raises the nose in front of the CFL.

The CFL could always pair with the Canadian Bowl.

Not sure how this will jive with the league looking to hold Grey Cups earlier.

This is a huge step in the right direction .

It might cost them to get this done but it’s necessary to get the one weekend in the year devoted to our game .

The over all celebration and Football in Canada is worth the cost to get these leagues aligned working together to further exposure in the Canadian market .

Football week in Canada .

With two big games and maybe someday include the Junior league . Up the age a bit will help as well .

If the CFL helps develop talent that doesn’t go to university and add to the exposure of football for players to aspire to when they leave high school they will win over more future fans and have a cache to draw on to supplement their ranks.

Kinda wondering if that ship sailed from October to just one week or maybe two up in November .

That may well be, but I’m not sure that the Vanier could be moved up even one week since the USport schedule is tied to the academic calendar.