CFL using Grey Cup to Lure new ottawa owner***

The only problem is our city council here in Hamilton isn't what you'd call very swift or anything remotely along the lines of movers or shakers. If it wasn't for Bob Young, I doubt the team would even exist now. The city just doesn't seem to care about the Cats. But if enough money is shown to them along your plans, well, maybe they might wake up from their sleep.

That should change as the Tiger-Cats increase in popularity. Most politicians aren't leaders, they're followers who will attach themselves to anything popular to get votes.

Yes, for sure, and by "city", I mean't city council, not the fans who are really showing here we care for the Cats.

The same can be said about Ottawa and the Gades, minus the Bob Young part.

The sad part 666 is that if was a major league of some sort, even in tiddlywinks, where the Chicago's and New York's were coming to town, the city council would be all over it in a second. I guess it's about money when you get down to it and they don't see the CFL as enough of a money generator to put anything really substantial into upgrading the stadium. Maybe I'm wrong but not from what I see from city council here in Hamilton. Maybe after Bob has owned the team for 5 years and the fans keep flocking to the stadium, things will change, I hope so.

The city of Ottawa has made life horrible on the Senators for a long time. But of course, the mayor is always the first in front of the cameras to take credit when the team is doing well.

well if Bob turned down hosting the GC, and it has been 10 years since Hamilton has hosted it, what was his he planning on a new stadium first or renovations to the IW...........

Wow, even for the Senators! They do have the New York's and Chicago's coming to town. I guess these mayors and other political types are always at parties with the tea totallers in the city who have money and talk about art collections and opera but think anything to do with sports is for blue collar drunks only, which is sad. I have a phys-ed degree and work in health care and if these people would see the relationship between physical activity and health, maybe they wouldn't have as many people visiting the hospitals in their city. And all sports teams should be doing community work promoting active living and physical activity. Sport is one great way to achieve this and our athletes are role models, or should be, promoting this.
Nah, our mayors want to sleep just with the tea totallers and academics who think sport is for the mindless people.
Ok, I'm going to stop, I'm getting peeved.

Ps. Even a major university like the Univ. of Toronto didn't do anything to keep up Varsity Stadium. At least they are going to have, if they don't already, a new 5,000 seater but this is a joke for a university as large as the Univ. of Toronto. A real joke.

As far as the Gades are concerned, this is 100% accurate. Landsdown Park is located in the middle of The Glebe, the snub part of downtown. The stadium has been there for a long, long time, with the houses being built over the years. Residents bought those houses knowing that the Rough Riders (and now the Renegades) are playing there. But those snot-nosed residents turn around, complain to the city about a million things related to the stadium and the team, and the city accomodates the whiners.

Not to mention the fact that the Renegades pay rent in the amount of $65,000 per game.

Ah, every city has these people in some area 666, I friggin can't stand them, complain, complain, complain and the only sport they know is at their private luxury golf clubs where the only sweat they ever produce is getting in and out of the golf cart ( I like golf but I always walk, I only play on a city run course).
Like that term, snot-noses, that's what they are. If you don't have this much money or live with the well-to-do's, your an imbecile.
But I think things are changing, I know here in Hamilton more and more people are coming to the games who are a bit reminiscent of tea totallers, but then Bob Young as a billionaire computer guru has changed the perception of football somewhat in this city, he is reaching out to the community more and more with programs, like one he just did with a kids baseball organization in Oakville, Smart man, very smart, see's the connections between things, no snot-noser or tea totaller and has more money than most of them could ever dream of.

It sounds like good news for the Gades in 06. Like CanuKev, the team must play this year if Ottawa if it is to be saved. As for Urban everything I have read and including yesterday seen on TSN, he was interviewed and said if it didn't fly in Ottawa then the team would be moved out east. It already sounds like he has his mind made up on the latter.
He is not a potential good owner. The league must find a local owner, if not within the city then Southern Ontario is close enough. He is too far removed.

I have it on good authority from my visit last year to FC and during the last game at FC and upon speaking to a high ranking Gades official, the profit from the Grey Cup was close to $4M . The only reason the disfunctional Waters group lasted as long as it did was to recoup some of their losses. And it was a huge winfall.
There is no reason why the new owner could not do the same.

But is it fair to the other cities that they get bumped back for Ottawa to get it again so soon?

Earl why would the U of T build a new stdium when their football team is sooo bad??

I like that idea, too bad that the CFL doesn’t still have the All Star game to do that as well, but whatever.

with the Ti-Cats being the only pro team in town, and likly to be that way forever, I’m sure people will wake up and support them.

with the Senators back, I can’t turly say the same for Ottawa, but still, they will support the gades.

well, the Argos are getting involved in their City, and so should all the other CFL teams, which they seem to be to some degree.

if it’s to save the league and football in the national cap, it’s a worthless case and sacafie

hopefully this time around the money for the GC will be used wisely and generate support for the team.

The Grey Cup is really the only thing that the CFL has to offer with the economic clout to possibly make things happen. The question is whether it is worth temporary sacrifice to set up the foundation to make the league stronger as a whole. As a small league with little margin for error, I think the answer is obvious.

And who's really getting "bumped", anyway? None of the Grey Cups past 2007 have been awarded yet, so no one really has any claim to any of them. If Ottawa gets the 2009 game, who's being cheated? It's not like they're saying to Toronto, "We know we promised you the 2007 game, but now we're giving it to Ottawa instead. Sorry."

Just to prove the point. NFL- Super Bowls played in recently built stadiums: Tampa Bay '01, Houston '04, Detroit '06, Arizona '08. MLB- All-Star Games: Cleveland '97, Colorado '98, Atlanta '00, Seattle '01, Milwaukee '02, Houston '04. NHL- All-Star Games: Boston '96, San Jose '97, Vancouver '98, Tampa Bay '99, Toronto '00, Colorado '01, LA '02, Minnesota '04.