CFL US Broadcast

OKay I'm sure I missed this somewhere but will games be shown in the US this year?

Im sure they will be but the schedule has not been released yet

there he goes again

i also think its a good idea to get OLN to carry the games....

with all the ricky williams talk, the florida media has been covering the story very closely, and sports illustraded recently had an article on top 10 CFL/NFL crossover players...

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the CFL should look to take advantage of this momentum down south.

Canada Day is a great day for Canadians to wear red, white, and drunk.

Momentum? What momentum? There is one internet article. On their ESPN radios and stuff there is no talk of ricky williams. Maybe later on there will be, but right now there is nothing.

Maybe if you were actually there you would know!

I have ESPN, and ESPN radio is on at night here. There is no buzz, don't kid yourself! Go on there website, see if there are any videos on the CFL. There is probably a buzz for the hardcore football fans on the internet, but for the general populous I cannot see it.

You cannot see it because you don't want to see it
You still have not told us why you bother to come here in the first place.
Are you so jealous of the CFL that you come here to knock it because it is the only way you can feel better about yourself?
I mean really. I have no use for the NFL and NHL and I don't waist my time joining their forums because I know their games is useless and I don't feel the need to prove it to anyone!

You don't want to see that the CFL is very niche. You want to believe that it is something big when it isn't. Most teams are bleeding red ink, ok, so if ESPN gave it a little mention a few months ago does that mean it is a topic of discussion down there? Hardly. Face it CFL will always be known as the minor leagues, heck the XFL at one point almost tried to buy the CFL.. THE XFL!! Look where they are at now.

why even reply to this clown?

He does seem to avoid the question doesn't he.

Can you believe him thought? He is dumb enough to compare the XFL that lasted 1 year and the CFL that is in its 95th year.

I guess when you don't what you are talking about you will say anything!

Why does he keep coming here if he hates the CFL so much? Are you trying to make us change our minds about the CFL? Because we won't!

He’s trying to get people to bite - and it’s working…

I have asked him that at least 3 times but he never answers. He actually comes on as 3 different people just to rag on the CFL. Argos Bills, Stillers and cprice are all the same loser!

I guess it is true some people from Toronto have fallen off the the turnip truck. The fact is the CFL is the oldest football league. Really why show your lack of brains on this site. Move on there must be a checker site you can play on. So I guess you can say I told you to


Actually, the league we know and love today, was formed in 1956 as the CFC, it became the CFL in 1958.

so that would make the league 50 or 48 years old, but none this less, that's a lot more success that the XFL only season.

and the current NFL formed in 1970, that makes it 36 years old, thus younger than the CFL.

at least that's how I see it.

So back to the I thought I had a good thread going to I read the replies had nothing to do with the topic

like I said, mate, should be coming out any day now.

based on what?