CFL Uniforms

I find that the CFL Uniforms are so much nicer than NFL Uniforms. I think all CFL teams have nice jerseys, except for BC, Im not feeling the white and orange...

As for the NFL, I find only the Bengals have nice uniforms.

A random topic, but I felt like saying it. I really like Edmonton's yellow jerseys with the green pants.

are you a bengals fan?If so we are goin to get along nicely.Cfl jerseys are better than NFL. the only CFl jersey i dont like are the Eskimos jersey

I think you and esk123 are they only ones that like the EE thrids.

I have warmed up to them all of them, but I prefer the 2004 jerseys more.

I absouly hate the Calgary thrids, Hamilton's new look, and Winnipeg's "new" logo.

i agree, the cfl jerseys are the nicest in sports.

Toronto ( dark blue ), BC ( orange ), Calgary ( red ), sask. green are my top no order....i also like both montreal's white and red, but not thier 3rd jerseys ( altho thier red home jerseys should have white trim under the silver numbers )

I agree with your picks DG, in fact all of the unies are great. But, my top pick would have to be the mustard Winnipeg third jersey.

I'm one of the few who loves the Riders' third jerseys.....don't know why. Most uniforms I quite like, but the third jerseys from Edmonton and Winnipeg are way down the list for offense intended, argotom..... :wink:

i love the eskies 3rd jerseys that color is the eskies color...i like sasks jersies except the blacks. and i HATE THEIR BLACK PANTS. their silver pants are much better...and well i hate winnipeg for everything

sask, hamilton and eskies 3rds are terrible...winnipegs 3rds are good, but i prefer thier blues.

the reasons i dont like montreals 3rds, is they always wear them with the blue pants, which makes them TOO blue. and that makes is too much blue in the league ...toronto, winnipeg, montreal....i prefer montreals silver pants with thier home unis.

i do like the lions 3rd's, but not the paw logos. shoulda stuck with the reg. logo., and look very similar to the bengals.

There's Only So Many Colours And Most Of Them Don't Look Good. Could You Imagin A Team In Hot Pink Or Sky Blue, Not Really The Picture Of Grit And Strength.

The Thing I Really Like About The New Jerseys Is The Since Everythings Sewn In The Logos And Stripes Don't Come Out In The Wash, Although I Really Hate The New Argo Logo And Wouldn't Really Be Upset If That Came Off In The Wash.

the logos and stripes arent sewn in on the store bought jerseys ( only the REAL jerseys )....they're iron-pressed on.

and i think the Argo A is much more professional looking.

i believe a future QC team will wear a uni similar to the detroit lions ( light blue ), which is why montreal has to stop wearing jerseys that are predominantly blue.

That's True, And It's A Lot Better Then The Older Boring White A We Used To Have In The Early 90s.

I Know The Armpit Stripe Is Sewn In, I Suppose The Logo Would Have To Be Pressed On But With The Old Jersey The Was The Double Blue Stripe Around The Arm Often Came Off In The Wash.

I like the new, simplified "A". I think the old Knight character or whoever on the shoulders made the shoulders messy on the unis...also those unis looked like they had some teal in them around the numbers now its back to the classic double blue So I think that's good for sure.

yes, the argos blue trim is sewn on, but logos are pressed on.

but teams like edmonton and hamilton, who have stripes on thier sleeves...are pressed on.

i agree, the old warrior-logo on the argos shoulders looked minor league, and the light blue was more aqua-green.

Thanks For The Info, So Then I Guess That Means That The New Jerseys Aren't Really An Better.

And The Reason I Really Like The Guy With The Shield Is That Every Team In The East Had A Cartoon Charater Charging Forward So When You Had The O-Lines Lined Up Opposite Each Other It Looked Like Even The Logos Were Ready To Fight Each Other.

the new jerseys do look a heck-of-alot nicer than the old ones.

i wish montreals home jerseys had the silver numbers overtop of white numbers…making white trim. would look sharp. recently had jerseys on sale $20 cheaper than reg…but that sale ended at the end of april.

i woulda bought one, but i couldnt decide which team / player to represent.

i dunno if anyone has noticed, but the argos have slightly changed thier A logo this season…silver has been changed to baby-blue…on both jersey sleeves and helmet.

one of the main reasons the cfl made new unis was to make them more crisp and bold and to look similar to some nfl teams...but call me biased but the bomber jerseys are the closest to looking like an nfl team (st louis)just need to change the logo

the CFL unis look better than the NFL's.


the detroit lions have nice unis…and the packers, but they ripped off the eskies, so…

washington has good ones.

thats about it.

I like all of the CFL Jerseys except for BC's and Edmonton's...