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Okay...was flipping through the CFL Twitter page and saw this

I didn't notice it at first glance...but really? WTF is that all about? If a player did anything even remotely close to this the CFL would be fining that player, yet the CFL points out a lone specific player as not being on the list. There damned well better be some discipline for this and it better be made public. Not cool at all!

Loved some of the responses and loved the comment by Ricky...must have taken a lot for him not to snap..kudos to him. No player should be put out like this by a league FN tweet. Brutal.

PS...I find it mighty odd that the lone MOP nod in the playoffs is at 7 OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiii

... the writter is probably an Argo fan still a little bit bitter that Foley is no longer an Argo. Either that or he is trying to get ratings out East.

An official league source calling out a specific player?

This is amateur hour nonsense. :thdn:

Foley regularly calls out the "@CFL" official twitter feed ... Here's an example.

Ricky FoleyVerified account ?@Foley4Real Thx 4the POW snub love. It's just @CFL setting up their yr end awards. No 4th POW makes it easy 2keep me off allstar &Cornish CPOY #Riders 8:11 PM - 21 Oct 2014
The CFL Official Twitter Field also tweets positive things about Foley.
CFL Official FeedVerified account ?@CFL Earlier tonight @Foley4Real notched his 50th sack in his career - #FNF 8:43 PM - 24 Oct 2014
So to me ... it was a playful exchange that Foley himself asked for in his earlier calling out of the @CFL. He can't be surprised or call foul that he got playfully poked when he started the poking!

In the end ... it generated a tonne of fan/player/league engagement & interest.

You are aware that Foley is no longer an Argo because they didn't want him, right? He'd still be in Toronto if he had done anything in his two-and-a-half years there. Aside from playing well in the Grey Cup in 2012, he was mostly invisible during his time with the Argos.

You mean asside from when they named him their most outstanding Canadian

odd comment

They released him. Didn't offer him a contract. I'm pretty sure that is the definition of we don't want you anymore. we're moving on."

But I'm sure Barker said "Noooooo Ricky ... It's not you! It's Me!"

Honestly, I found the whole thing to be funny & then ridiculous (See what I did there Adam Bighill? Ridiculous ... Not Rediculous!)

Anyways ... Foley chirps the @CFL Twitter account each & every time he feels like he's been snubbed for Player Of The Week (PotW) consideration & recognition.

Then, when the @CFL chirps him back ... he gets all defensive & calls them "classless & idiots"? (Which by the way is like me calling someone a condescending prick!)

Then RiderNation gets all up in arms with indignation thinking Foley was singled out.

He Started It! He Tweeted & Chirped Them First! He Brought This All On Himself!

The only mistake that the @CFL Twitter account made was in their thinking that Ricky Foley could take a joke & take it as well as he gives it!

This was honestly a thing of beauty ... Whomever is in charge of the @CFL Twitter Account should not only be commended for their tactic in raising league-wide awareness, they should receive an award for highlighting Ricky Foley's & RiderNation's HYPOCRISY & OVER SENSITIVITY!!!

Slow Clap ... Well Done @CFL

They didn't name him their MOC in 2012. Andre Durie was the team's MOC nominee. Foley won MVC at the Grey Cup (and it was deserved; he had 3 sacks in the game, if my memory serves me), but that's not picked by the team.

Foley was scheduled to become a free agent after the 2012 season and the Argos chose not to re-sign him. He spurned the Lions in 2010 to sign with Toronto, but after 2 1/2 mostly underperforming seasons, the Argos decided he wasn't worth the money. He has played well since going to Saskatchewan, but is that him or is it because he's playing alongside John Chick and Tearrius George? The Argos simply did not want him any longer when his contract was up, so no one is bitter in Argoland because Foley is gone. If they wanted him, he'd still be there.

Him being an argo still made for some good writing regardless of whether or not they wanted him. A local kid gets a couple of shots at the NFL and helps bring a cup to Toronto. He has done well out here with an 8 and 12 sack season.

It was a cap issue.. The argos were paying him a lot more than the Riders do.

Where did anyone say anything about 2012? But he WAS named MOC in his time as an Argo…so saying he did nothing while there is pretty laughable. The point was attempted to be made that he did nothing while there…that he was invisible the whole time…and that is untrue.

Yeah, Chick being on the same line as Foley is going to help his stats…no doubt, Steve Bagg had the same experience…but he still has great skill, and a big part of his lower numbers in Toronto was the teams playing style on D. That is to say they made a concious choice to go more to a contain D with a strong secondary than a pressure D with a weaker secondary…they trailed the leagu in sacks in 2012 and have kept the stratgey since then.

As far as him being “cut” as some people are saying…LOL…ok…he was permitted to explore his free agency early as it was clear he wanted more than they were willing to pay…they wanted home town pricing and he wanted what he would get elsewhere…that is NOT being cut…that is a team respecting that a given player wants to explore options. I am not claiming Foley is the best end in the league, and I am not claiming he is the top Canadian…I don’t feel he is, but he is a solid player who is is going to be a benifit to any team that plays into his skillset, and the passport is a huge boost. Foley would be in contention for a starter job in the CFL no matter where his passport was from…you don’t get looks from multiple NFL teams, especially as a Canadian, without some respectable skills…no way around that.

Likely a different writer

guess you missed Foley's reply. "@CFL very classy tweet smh..."

Nope ... I saw it ... That's what has made this thing so funny. Foley showing indignation about being chirped by the @CFL which he chirps overtime he feels he's been snubbed over POTW honours. And if Foley is calling the @cfl "classless" ... that makes it even more hilarious.

This is from the organization that sets policy and makes issues fines for junk like this. The front office needs to live by a higher standard or reduce their expectations of those that work under its umbrella. It was a classless move.

You are correct. He was their MOC nominee in 2011... when he tallied an astronomical 6 sacks. Yes, he had 60+ tackles, but he is a rush end paid to sack the QB and in 18 games he managed to sack the QB in five of them (he had one multiple-sack game). You might not call that invisible, but it surely isn't the return on the investment the Argos were hoping for. Add in a lacklustre 2012 and you can see why the Argos chose not to re-sign him.

I've seen the scheme argument used to defend many players, but if you are a premier pass rusher - and Foley was being paid by the Argos as a premier pass rusher - you find ways to utilize them. Foley's DC for the majority of 2011 (when he was the Argos MOC) was Orlondo Steinauer. The same Orlondo Steinhauer whose scheme saw Eric Norwood notch 13 sacks this season. Yes, Steinauer took over during the season, but in any system he employs, it is pretty clear a pass rusher is allowed to be a pass rusher.

In 2012, Chris Jones was his DC. 'Nuff said.

He was permitted to explore free agency early because the Argos had no intention of bringing him back. Teams don't give up their negotiation window to be nice; they do it because they either know they can't sign the player (think Zach Collaros last year) or won't (think Henry Burris, also last year). The Argos simply had no interest in paying Foley what he got in Saskatchewan because his play in Toronto did not warrant it. He had 10 sacks in 2 1/2 seasons with the Argos. TEN! I don't care what scheme you are in, you can't put up an average of 4 sacks per season and expect to be paid like you put up 12. Part of it was economics, but part of it was that Foley simply was not very good with Toronto.