The TV numbers are out again and although strong, we lost out to the hockey pucks. I demand a recount?
I am also declaring the CFL for finishing top three out of the four and frankly four out of the top five.
Especially when this Zelkovich, who you would never know is the beat writer for the Argos, just doesn’t get it. Note, the NFL nonsense of combining two or several games played at the same time. Hello, is this for real?
Then he has the asteriks to the other NFL games but fails to mention how the RDS numbers for the Als are not calculated to include at least 300,000 plus the regular 476K which would easily bring it up to number three.
Ah yes coming from the Star, the Toronto daily and wanabee US rag.

Is that plus or minus NFL Sunday Ticket? Perhaps he failed to mention that too.

adding together 2 NFL games to make 1 decent rating is BS.

I read the article. I didn't think it was negative towards the CFL at all. I agree that it is a bit funny that he would mention that the NFL numbers are off because of the ommission of NBC numbers, but then doesn't do the same for what?

The fact is that with or without those comments, the CFL numbers are still great.

Good job everyone! Keep watching TV! :slight_smile:

Agree Sheep. Stats are manipulated all the time, all stats mean, these sorts of TV stats, are just generalized pointers, as long as numbers are basically strong as they are and the author points out how they got their numbers, so be it. I think most people take these things with a grain of salt anyways, very "soft science" I would say. Very soft.

if we could get more people in the forums, and some decent POSITIVE media coverage on the air waves, i think the CFL would dominiate like it did in the first set of glory days(72-84ish)