The numbers are in for this weekend and the games that matter drew well while the two remaining were quite poor.

TOP 10

  1. Hockey Saturday CBC @ 1,071,000 Chi-Tor & Flo-Ottawa combination of games which I am not a fan of
  2. CFL Saturday CBC/RDS Tor-Mon @ 415,000 + 195,000, awesome 610,000 number for afternoon showing beating out HNIC
  3. MLB Sunday Sportsnet Cle-Bos @ 590,000 game 7
  4. Hockey Saturday CBC Edm-Cal @ 510,000
  5. CFL Friday TSN Cal-Win @ 485,000 huge #'s winning the night
  6. MLB Saturday Sportsnet Cle-Bos @ 292,000
    1. NFL Sunday multi late games on Sportsnet @ 263,000 & CTV multi early games @ 237,000 several games low #'s
  7. 10 CFL Sunday TSN Ham-Sask @ 216,000 one game beats NFL one game as usual even though dog of a game,
    CFL Saturday TSN Edm-BC @ 214,000, meaningless game and very late in East = low numbers still below TSN average of 360,000 which is up from last year.

For a defensive game, that Tor-Mont game was a good one.
Game 7 of the Cle-Bost game, I can understand the high ratings there, these days I'm sure the baseball fans in T.O. are now all BoSox fans, wouldn't surprise me to be honest, I think there are more of them than Jays fans maybe.

I am surprised by the two low CFL games especially the Sask game which was sold out and must have had a decent audience in that province, but I guess no one elsewhere watched especially here in Ontario.

I watched by beloved TiCats for a bit but couldn't take it any longer, switched to the Dallas/Minny game I think it was. I love the CFL but will switch to the NFL is the CFL is a blowout or keep flippin betweeng games.

Earl I am disappointed that you would watch a No Fun League game over a CFL game, even if it is a dog with flees and especially your Cats.
I endured the entire game, Printers is still looking between average to horrible and the coaching staff I am afraid and it is surprising to me about Taffe, appearing out of his element.
I don't know how many too many men in the hudle calls there were.

I’m frustrated argotom right now with the Cats, understandably. I find it easier to watch other CFL games and NFL games when the Cats play bad as I don’t have the emotional involvement in these games.
I know it will take Charlie a bit with the turmoil here in Hamilton. But really, I have to wonder if sticking with Greg Marshall would have been the best thing. Oh well, that’s history, time to move on and look forward to next year for the Cats. In the meantime, lots of excellent CFL, NFL, CIS, NCAA to watch, and some hockey of course also.

UFC was on that night as well. Thats probably the biggest sport in the under 30 crowd.

This UFC stuff is getting bigger I see on TV. I haven't watched much and don't know about it but does seem interesting

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It's pretty barberic though, too much for me.

Where do you guys get these numbers from? Most of my friends are NFL fans who don't believe it when I say the CFL gets better numbers than the NFL, but I can never find the original source.

Buy I think its the Tuesday or Wednesday Globe and Mail. They always give the top ten ratings for the weekend.

The two low CFL games are easy to explain.
The BC game was blacked out in BC. Plus it was against HNIC. The Saskatchwan game probably drew little interest outside of Saskatchewan, because who wants to watch Hamilton anymore this year.

Amazing how low the NFL does considering the hysteria over it right now in a certain city? LIke I always say. The inmates are running the asylum.

jaws, tell your friends who only like the NFL that their truth is not necessarily other people's truths, lots of people, especially those of us who have been around the block a time or two and can see that all that glitters and is gold in another country is not necessarily any more fun to watch and follow than what we have in Canada, a "made in Canada" institution. :wink:

"Believe your truth is not my truth"

  • David Usher, lyrics to Devil By My Side

Earl although we all have tried, you cannot convert the unconverted. Tunnel vision and all and buying into the BS media hype and out and out lies by the pro NFL and US mentality.
Truly sad how people cannot think for themselves or at least be objective enough to investigate all of the facts before making a decision.

Funny how these supposedly huge NFL fans in Taranna always try to say that CAnadian ratings don't include Canadians who watch on American TV.

Problem is last year Global was including CAnadians watching their broadcast on the Us channel. And ratings weren't any better than this year.

Strange why some up here refuse to accept that Canadian football is so popular in this country.

I just don't understand why there are those in this coutnry who basically despise this league and its fans.

Somebody has to carry out some kind of psychiatric experiment on these people to get to the bottom of this strange phenomenon.

Thats a good idea berezin99. Its amazing how someone can be in love with the Dallas Cowboys, never been to Dallas , no plans on going to Dallas, etc.

The thing I don't understand is that, although the television numbers say we are watching CFL over NFL, it never seems to translate into 'buzz'.

CFL merchandise is hard to find outside of a team's market. There seems to be very few promotional tie-ins to the CFL either. I still see more NFL merchandise on people. So why is the television popularity not translating into the street?