CFL TV Ratings Week 1

Does anyone have access to any of the CFL ratings on TSN... Feel free to post them here if they can find them. TV ratings have mysteriously been scarce as of late. Maybe MLSE pays off the media to not show them because then people would realize how unpopular The Craptors and TFC are.
This website will prove benificial to keep track of the ratings on NBC.... ... .html#more
I will check in a few days for the Rider/Esks game, if I can figure out how to navigate the site.... If anyone can get more recent weeks and navigate the site at er.
Does anyone have a similar link for ESPN?

navigating the Son of Bronx site, I see that it shows ESPN 2 ratings as well. It will be very easy to keep track of American CFL ratings.... As for Canada, it seems to be a dead art. Other then opening weekend, I have seen nothing on Blow Jays TV ratings this season. William Houston has givin up his gig, and other people who used to show ratings have also disappeared(Cue the Rogers/MLSE conspiracy music) However, maybe someone on this forum has an inside scoop from BBM Canada?

Looks like the ratings may have been lower then I would have thought, at least going by what Arash Madani stated on Twitter.

He said that Jays had an audiance of 800k on Friday and it was 20% higher then the next highest game/sport. I would have to assume either CFL game on that day would have been next. If so, then I think that means a rating for one of the games at between 600k and 700k.

He also said for Saturday that the Jays drew 765k , and thats was 50% larger then anything else. I think that means that the CFL game may have only been in the 400-500k range?

Anyone else can step in and correct me on the math. There was no sources provided in the Tweets.

If that is true then it is pretty sad that people would choose to watch a bunch of forigners(Bret Lawrie is still injured I think) play 500 baseball, over a league where 30% of the players are Canadian. The Blue Jays can't even be bothered to hire a Canadian in the play by play booth . This shows you that marketing really is everything....

According to Steve Simmons tweet, Mark Cohon indicated that the Thurs night MTL-WPG tilt garnered 977k viewers between TSN and RDS. That seems to be on par with previous seasons. It's hard to believe the other games' numbers would dive as much as what Madani's comparison would dictate. Difficult to know without getting at the real numbers though.

Openers usually draw over 1 million viewers.
I wouldn't believe anything madani says.

Arash Madani :lol:

So then he would be wrong about the Jays being the highest. As Steve Simmons from the sun wrote, the opener had over 900,000. I also spoke to the CFL commission at the Argo game. He told me the game was just under 1 million. Wanted to talk more to him about releasing TV# more, but he was getting pulled in the other direction

TV contract is signed for this year plus the next five. You got to think TSN is satisfied with the viewership numbers :wink:

It is highly unlikely that a Riders opening day game on TV drew less then 500K. The ESKS had 35K in attendance for the opener
I would veture to guess that Edmonton fans were not just at the game but if 35K went to the game that High TV ratings from Edmonton fans would also be the case.
Perhaps Arash ment to say that thenext highest sporting event, meaning the CFL was 50% higher than the jays ratings. That would be more likely.

The Jays do usually draw fairly well, being the only Canadian team and all. I will admit, I tune in to quite a few games. I do find it hard to believe they drew more than 50% more than the Rider Eskimo game though, especially being the season opener for both teams. Optimism was abound in Eskie land, and the Riders are the host this year. I would have a hard time seeing less than 900k for this game. It doesn't look like any numbers are out yet.

Sports other than the NHL on CBC almost never crack that ranking as it will take all league totals per TV network. So for example all CFL games on TSN will be averaged and that's the number that would be used. This of course automatically brings the total down as games involving Montreal on TSN are always low as the Montreal fans generally watch on RDS, which would be in the French language ratings group. Similarly, all Jays games throughout the week on each Rogers network are averaged individually (Pacific, West, Ontario, etc), so those will almost never make it on the list either.

The CFL might make it once in a while, but generally the only weeks that do are playoffs and Grey Cup.

That's the ratings for the week before the regular season opener. Only game that week was a pre-season game

i would think that the Sask game would have had all of Sask watching, so there is close to a million, bc calgary game could have been the lowest at six hundread thousand, winnipeg game had close to a million, toronto game i say close to a million,

i could be off just guessing.

probabably about as accurate as arash madani

I bet you anything its like this

CFL is highest rated on TV until the NHL season starts and even then with all the different teams the numbers are largely the same.

The CFL will slaughter all NFL ratings until the Super Bowl where the CFL has to compete being on a Cable Sports Package with most providers with the Super Bowl airing on CTV that every single person in this country gets, and still netting the same numbers nearly, both had the same top end viewership at 15 million. (another subject but before the Super Bowl was on CTV the Grey Cup used to destroy it for several years in the 2000's)

Basically CFL will always run 750-1 mill during the regular season which is incredible. Some games might dip down to 450k for struggling teams later on but that's still impressive.

The CFL just needs to get this video game going, maybe through 2K games and that would really add another level to this.

Usually the viewership is larger for CFL games then NHL until their playoffs (and only if there is a Canadian team in the mix).

Saturday’s Riders vs Esks game was the #21 most watched program (of 133) on ESPN2 last week, garnering an impressive 347,000 viewers (average). This is nearly three times the largest CFL audience on the NFL Network (Riders vs Stamps in 2010 = 123,000). Add in the 1,000,000 or so who watched on TSN and RDS and this is a tremendous audience! :thup:

Thursday’s Bombers vs Als game was the #25 (of 156) most watched program on NBCSN last week, drawing 88,000 viewers.

[url=] ... lTop30.pdf[/url]

Didn't make the list this week, but we can you do. Keep plugging away. :thup: