CFL TV ratings on TSN

Also John Madden type video games etc.


what does that mean? who is "they"

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what does that mean? who is "they"

That's something that the CFL and CPL would be wise to address as real Canadian player ( performer ) content versus subliminal Canadian content by city name that is considered Canadian content in a US league .

Sorry but I still don't know what you are getting at. "Canadian content by city that is considered Canadian content in a US league" ????
What do you mean how does this help?

You would only get Canadian content for CRTC guidelines if a certain portion of the performers are Canadian .

Nothing wrong with liking any of the other teams that are basically American but are situated in Canada but they should not be considered Canadian content because the team's first name is a Canadian city .

It should be performer (player ) based for team sports .

For individual tournaments like the Canadian Open they would get a bye as they are one of style content and not seasonal based content .

Still having trouble trying to figure out where you are going with this.
The Blue Jays and Raptors are hugely popular, the Canadian content is that their name is Toronto, their fans are Canadians, their owners are Canadians, their advertisers are Canadian, they pay taxes to Canada.
I don't think having Canadian players makes one bit of difference for the Blue Jays or Raptors, their fans love them.
The Argos have the designated 21 Canadians on their team just like all the other CFL teams but it doesn't mean fans come out to support them. It doesn't make them any more "Canadian" than the Raptor or Jays.
In fact the Argos have more Americans on their team than the Raptors and Jays combined.
Torontonians couldn't care less if all their starters were Canadian or Americans.


Single game betting will help with ratings.


You really don't get it . I could care less what you like to watch it has nothing to do with the benefit of Canadian performers getting the stage . That is what content was for Canadian's and them getting the stage in their own country .

It's about Canadian content I don't watch the owners or the advertisers .

It's not about the owners it's about the performers and workers the same for all other industries .

I don't go to watch the owners or broadcasters perform I watch the sport and the performance and Canadian content rules were set out to assist Canadian. performers not some conglomerate with their American dreams .

Yes I know you don't really like the Canadian ratio at all and you don't like Canadian players I get that .

What LOL?
I just don't get your point. Did I ever say I didn't like Canadian players?
I might have said that Brad Sinopoli is the best Canadian receiver I have ever seen.

The best way to save Canadian CFL content is for fans to invest in it and convince others to invest in it by buying seasons tickets or at least buy tickets to go to games. But I get your frustration.


You know my point it's hardly disguised .

LOL wow you mentioned Brad Sinopoli in a sentence good for you I bet you also feel he should not even be there unless there was a ratio so an American from Notre Dame or some other coveted NCAA college could take his place .

Both you and NON Atlantic fan have some good points on some issues but Canadian content we will not be on the same page .

And I will defend the ratio and the need for broadcasters to have real Canadian content that enhances Canadian performers whether they are actors , singers , dancers or athletes .

If that's not the case why bother having CTV , CBC or Global anyways I can watch the Jays on a ABC or FOX Toronto affiliate when there is no barrier to content anymore .

The advertisers will be the same .

There is really no need for our own broadcasters without proper Canadian content .

Just duplicating something I can watch on a American channel isn't going to cut it like the NFL simulcast on CTV where I can watch just as easily on an American channel .

Yes you make a good point.

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Thanks. My own research indicates there are still some very strong pockets of support for the Argos: even now after a couple of bad seasons. So, I am optimistic about things and look forward to a great season at BMO Field.


I'm looking forward to going to the Shipyard again, the $4 beers! always a good time there, even when the stadium is half full.


There is more betting on the NFL games and more fantasy playing. There are a lot of people who aren't necessarily watching the NFL games but watching for the outcomes and what individual players are doing.


I doubt that would explain the doubling in the NFL TV ratings and the decline in the CFL ratings. More young people are watching the NFL and I doubt many of them will be betting on games. Fewer young people watching the CFL.
I would say that in the big cities like Toronto where the CFL is not seen as major league, the younger demographic is watching the NFL not the CFL.


I kind of wish when the MLSE part which is Rogers bought into the Argos it was exchange for a day of the week game .

Preferably a Sunday and schedule accordingly .

One Sunday night up to labour day weekend and then One Sunday game afternoons in the fall months and see if the competition could light some fires . The extra interest alone from a different source than just one platform would be good for the CFL .

When they telecast a few Wednesday games a while back I didn't mind their broadcast and having other people than the usual one's talking CFL was a good change of pace .


Maybe they offered or at least wanted to offer but the CFL only wanted to deal with TSN. Who knows :man_shrugging:


Exactly right. Single game betting will bring new fans in; no question, but that issue needs to be addressed before the league moves forward in the larger markets


Lot's of rumours about the snide remarks between the two competitors on a professional level . Bob Mccown eluded to some during his telecasts involving a past CFL commissioner at an event .

Lot's of bad blood during the Bills series I imagine .

They do make strange bedfellows with the MLSE partnership .

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