CFL TV ratings on TSN

What kind of numbers do the games on TSN produce? Is one night better than the rest? I remember some years ago here in the US a network carried the TSN Friday Night doubleheader package that I believe was sponsored by Wendy's! At least those seem to be the commercials I constantly saw.

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Last I recall the games were averaging around 525k viewers a game, down from over 750k just a decade ago.

I can't wait until @TravelPat1 is back for this thread once the season starts too.

3.9 million for the Grey Cup in 2019


Not bad but a long ways from reaching 5-6 million viewers but it's trending in the right and upward direction. Hopefully it's going up.


Up from 2018 doesn't mean that much, could be the fact that more people tuned in to watch the Bombers and Ticats compared to the year before with the RBs and Calgary. Have to compare over 4 or 5 years to get a trend not just one.
Doubt we would see the 5 million or 6 million days again, mainly because of so many people cutting the cord and more people "streaming" and more people not watching TV.
TSN now has the streaming for people that don't have cable/satellite and I don't think those numbers are counted in the ratings.

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Because the CFL TV deal is with TSN only and not with Bell it (Grey Cup) won't be shown on CTV any time soon which is why the Super Bowl will have and had more viewers than the Grey Cup since the 2010 game between the Saints and the Colts.


I never said it was shown on the CTV!
The Super Bowl has always been simulcast on CTV, ever since I can remember, maybe back to the 70s.
That doesn't explain why the drop in Grey Cup number since 2010 or the big jump in Super Bowl ratings in the last 5 years.

I don't know why you brought up the NFL and the Super Bowl, I never mentioned that at all in my comments. 3.9 MILLION viewers for the Grey Cup is pretty dam good!! the Super Bowl ratings are irrelevant they are not competing, they aren't played at the same time.
I am talking about the CFL TV rating numbers dropping the last few years, and nothing to do with the NFL


I wasn't knocking the CFL there. Just pointing out the obvious that the CFL is treated differently than the other leagues.

Yes 3.9 million is good for sure. But it would be nice if it's simulcast on CTV as well if only for the championship game.

For years the Grey Cup had more viewers than the Super Bowl. That all changed in the 2010.


Yes, that was my point, the CFL had higher TV ratings for regular season games and the for the Grey Cup. The NFL TV ratings have doubled in the past 5 years and the Super Bowl numbers have been huge in Canada.
The Super Bowl or NFL ratings increase on CTV doesn't explain why they have gone up past 5 to 10 years, because the NFL has always been on CTV. It this was something new that the NFL was on CTV then you could explain it but the NFL has always been on CTV
I think it has been discussed on these boards quite a bit as to why the CFL ratings have dropped, and it goes hand in hand with the attendance drop - interest in the CFL in the big cities has dropped, especially in Toronto where they don't see the CFL as "major league" and the CFL fans are much older and doesn't appeal to the youger demographic


Global TV had NFL rights for years .City Tv and Rogers Sports net even carried games . Global were outbid by CTV back in 2007 .

CTV ( Bell ) has upped the coverage of the NFL after their last rights bid where they now have exclusive rights .

They have upped everything surrounding their NFL coverage and have done a good job with higher ratings . It was with CTV's exclusive rights where they upped the ratings for the NFL .

With Bell the NFL lives here .

Dazn streaming service where they receive all the Canadian CTV ads is the streaming provider for the NFL in Canada .

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Okay I should've said simulcast on "Canadian TV" , the NFL has been on Canadian TV forever.
My point is still the same, "why the increase in NFL TV ratings in the past 5 or so years"?

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I would credit to two things saturation of content of the NFL everywhere and then CTV's broader content in Canada , advertising and viewers finding it on one network for the most part Sunday afternoons except for the TSN Sunday night and Thursday games .

The lost generation of viewers of the CFL enjoying Sunday football along with the Bell being complicit in removing the CFL from Sundays also helps .

You add that with CBC saying goodbye to the CFL and you have a wave of new viewers that want football on Sunday like me and you cause a shift of interest .

I can't watch the CFL might as well watch the NFL . CFL being my first choice and no longer providing me with content on the Sunday fall shelf I have turned more to the NFL for my football entertainment .

Plus anyone with any cable or sat still left get filled up more with US content that the CTV doesn't broadcast .

To me I see a normal cultural shift where the CFL doesn't even care . If the CFL doesn't care to have content on a fall Sunday for years they really are playing the second rate league to the three large cities .

Who ever talked them into the current schedule is not providing the CFL with the best opportunity especially with the schedule going into the November months .

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The CFL will be playing games on Saturday this November, and that makes a lot of sense, why go head to head with the NFL? makes no sense.
You can watch a different NFL game on Sunday TSN and on CTV and maybe a different game on Fox. CTV has no choice but to simulcast the NFL, if the games were not on CTV, Canadians would just watch the US stations and CTV would get zero revenue. This way they show Canadian ads.
If you like football the fall is about watching the CFL Friday Night football, Saturday afternoon and evening games or maybe the NCAA and Sunday is about the NFL.

But getting back to my original point, it's not about CTV removing the CFL from Sundays. The drop in the CFL ratings is due to the lack of interest in the big population centres of the 3 biggest CFL cities, especially Toronto.
The younger demographic don't see the CFL as "major league", and many people "stream" and have cut the cord, millions less watch TV and young people don't watch the CFL.


The loss of interest also goes back to losing a generation or two of fans because of the blackout of games.

Some of the consequences are being felt now.

It was especially devestating in southern Ontario.

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It's about the broadcaster making big NFL money on a simulcast .

How can the CFL be major league if you don't put the games on Pro football day Sunday ?

If your own network takes away an important day away why take the CFL seriousy when it just a TV show for TSN and not a league looking out for itself .

That makes zero sense to not have games on Sunday in the cold white North . Shit most games in the fall months are 4pm and beyond that's crazy CFL style .

The Ottawa schedule is horrific .

They have the playoffs and Grey cup on Sundays because it is the best day for it and get the best results . So that really says it all .

The stats before have already shown Sunday afternoons were the best day for bums in the seats and they don't play then now surrendering a day where none of the games are played in Canada by the NFL that's insane .

This is about Bell doing what's best for Bell's money machine in the NFL and getting some Canadian content cake with the CFL .

You wanted to know why and I told you CTV bought the exclusive rights and went all in that's why they are killing it at the expense of the CFL with great ratings .

They even advertise it football starts in September on their own network .

Give them credit where credit is due . CTV did a great job promoting the NFL and buying up all the rights in Canada .

They win and the CFL loses with crappy media partnership .


I agree with most of what Jasmine is saying.

I think the move from Sunday even hurts the Playoffs and Grey Cup numbers as Sunday has moved from Football Day in Canada to NFL Sunday. I am a fan of both leagues, but you do get used to watching one version of football. I guess I do get to watch some CFL on Sundays, as I generally have to PVR the Saturday games.

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It's not just sports in this country that have issues - If our government does not move on content rules then all of these broadcasters will by U.S. content. Does anyone think Rogers is Canadian with Canada in mind. Its easier to buy NCAA football then to produce Usports.

We have a music industry in this country because of content rules and it has worked out for all of us.

Canadian content is not a US league with US players surviving in this country because of US TV revenue or selling US franchises such as MLS. That doesn't work in my definition.


It's okay to get behind Canadian music, which I am happy for, but it's not okay to support Canadian sports and athletes. That logic doesn't jive with me.

The government should realize they don't pay athletes salaries but we as fans do by consuming their product via tickets, merchandise and/or viewing by tv and/or streaming.


That's something that the CFL and CPL would be wise to address as real Canadian player ( performer ) content versus subliminal Canadian content by city name that is considered Canadian content in a US league .

The NHL would benefit as well with Canadian content on their roster .

They should get double the value of a NBA ,MLS , MLB franchise for Canadian content for the broadcaster . They should not be on equal footing IMO .