CFL TV Ratings for week 16???

anyone know the tv ratings for the games this past weekend?....and the ratings for the thanksgiving game

noone knows?

DG it comes out tomorrow because of the long weekend. I will post it as usual as soon it is made available. Any bets on the numbers for T-Giving. Lets say 1.25M For the Argos and 1M for the Peg.

i say 1 000 000 for the argos and 900 000 for winnipeg.
thanks for the info...look foward to your post tomorrow.

Apparently, the people responsible for the Canadian ratings aren't going to be releasing the numbers from Monday's games cuz the CBC lockout just recently ended? That's a WTF announcement if I've ever heard one.

ummmm....they released the numbers during the walk out.

I'm just going by what was said in the Toronto Star today, which is why I said it was a "WTF announcement". If they published the numbers during the lockout, then why not now?