CFL tv ratings down big time

week 1:
thursday june 30
als vs lions season opener 715,000. jays 439,000
friday july 1
argos stamps 525,000. jays 455,000
sunday july 3rd
riders vs eskies 749,000. jays 464,000.

argos extra yard 191,000

week 2:
friday july 8th
argos vs bombers 676,000. jays 594,000

week 3:
thursday july 14th
bombers vs stamps not mentioned but jays vs yankees 740,000
friday july 15th
argos vs als 409,000. jays vs yankees 759,000
saturday july 16th
both cfl games cracked 600,000 while the jays vs yankees drew 611,000

last season, cfl games were averaging 880,000. season opener games were 1.2 million, if i remember correctly. this years opener was only 715,000.
these numbers when combined with declining attendance across the league are not good.

I wouldn't be too worried, the Jays are just one team in Canada and it's likely to stay that way. MLB is dead in the water in Canada in terms of establishing teams in Canada, who is going to build stadiums when you have a large market like Toronto struggling to make money, whereas the CFL is on the cuspice of adding Ottawa and another out east perhaps. And new stadiums in Winnipeg, Hamilton, BC Place renoed etc.

So many minor league baseball teams have failed, Ottawa AAA, London AA and others. Now the eggs are basically all in one basket with baseball in Canada with just one MLB team and some support in Winnipeg with the Goldeyes (but we never see them on TV in Canada and most likely never will) and maybe Vancouver & Edmonton?

Eventually the Jays will need a new stadium and that's not a given. Baseball as a spectator sport in Canada nationwide is not in a very good position.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like to see ratings slip for any reason or attendance but I'm really not that worried. The Jays have people excited because of Bautista hitting the big bangers which draws people and the team is decent. But again, what else does baseball have in Canada besides the Jays? Not much and when you're one of one, not a great position to be in. I think soccer is in a better position with 3 "major" league teams even if the ratings don't match those at the high end of the Jays or CFL games.

Perhaps the league's renaissance has stalled and we need to get these expansion projects moving more quickly to increase the competition and audience nation wide. Who cares in Ottawa or Atlantic Canada without a team?

It could very well be a product of stagnation. The same 8 teams again and the Als are strong yet again in the east again while Toronto, Vancouver (largest market) and Saskatchewan (largest following) struggle big time.

Attendance is up modestly in Hamilton so far. I suppose that's ok news.

CFL can't afford much of a slide. Hope it was the long weekend that was the impact and we bounce back.

The same 8 teams again

NHL did quite fine for years and years and years with the "same 6 teams again". :roll: :roll:

I followed it more then then I do now as I don't know many of the players, too many teams for my liking.

I know personally I haven't managed to watch most of the games thus far like I normally do. Nothing in particular just lots of long weekends with other activities planned.

Not too worried about it. I think numbers will rebound as we get closer to Labour Day. That said, while my viewing habits haven't changed, I'm just not feeling the buzz this year. I hear you joedavtav on the "same old, same old" theory. Good news stories in Edmonton and Winnipeg....BUT.... nearly everything else so far is status quo, or worse!

The CFL takes a bit of a credibility hit in these parts too when we lose all of our best players to the NFL. Wake, Logan, Mallet, Arceneaux - we've been hit pretty hard the last few years. It really sucks when you really grow attached to your favourite player, only to have him say 'adios' and bolt down south. It makes the CFL look like a farm league. I know it''s the reality of the economic disparity between the two leagues, but it doesn't make it any easier to swollow for the average fan.

For me the credibility of the league enhances when a couple of players make it in the NFL (not for me but image-wise). I don't buy what you're saying rhymes. What about players like Roy Halladay leaving the Jays for another team, more money, better baseball market or in hockey, happens all the time. Sure they stay in the same league but players do leave their teams.

The NFL isn't coming to Canada that I can see other than these few games in Toronto with the Bills. If people want to watch high level football in their home town, the CFL is it.

Now I also know that as a 55 year old, I'm becoming a bit more occupied with technology and not watching as much TV, my little tablet and streaming stuff to my TV via an high def cord, having fun and am considering cancelling cable. The CFL is the biggest reason I have cable but that can go the highway as well I'm starting to see with what technology gives me for free, I'll go to TiCat games and just watch the highlights via my tablet on my big screen TV. And I'm a huge CFL fan but am getting fed up with high cable bills. I get hd stuff for free from the web a lot of the time and having a lot of fun with this. 30,000 some odd free ebooks as well with Project Gutenberg I just download to my tablet. Again, free leisure time stuff with technology providing the way.

Now think of what the Google generation thinks who have grown up with technology and have so many interests like Facebooking, Tweeting, streaming movies, shows etc. Also I'm doing more hiking now and outdoor activities, I think more people are into this. And more into attending live music shows around here at small venues.

As I say, sports is what really drives up cable costs and as a fairly big sports fan, I'm starting to say maybe I can do without it. I think cable TV is going to be in trouble as older people die off. It's close to the end of the line for cable with me, if I cancel cable I can get another tablet or netbook and it'll pay for itself in no time cancelling my cable. This day is approaching for me. Also it will help with my seasons for the Cats if I cancel cable, I do like getting out of the house and watching live stuff or even young people with technology are still going to the movies, still a great way for the first few dates that isn't all that expensive and gets you out.

I was really hoping for parity this season and I still think we will see it but the bad starts by Toronto, Saskatchewan and BC do nothing to help interest in a lot of the games. Could also be some changes in how viewership is measured. A lot of people are watching on demand and recording games. I know in the States those are not counted.

Also looks like the league might want to reconsider showing four games on Canada day weekend. Maybe show one game like a rematch between the previous year's GC teams and that's it.

I am a little concerned, but not ready to sound the alarms just yet. there are some other things though i would like to bring up that, like earl was talking, might contribute...

-Many people are streaming games from there computers. getting some really good high quality feeds.
-Radio broadcasts are also now available on internet, and i believe they might be on sat. radio as well. allowing people to go places, do chores, sit in the back yard and have the game on while the kids swim.
-where i work, a lot of guys are watching the TSN2 replays that come on later on. Sometimes its just a schedualing thing with our shift. In fact, some really big fans, and i know this sounds crazy that poeple dont know yet that CFL is THurday through sunday, think those games are live. welcome to oil patch! Theres a short story on there... a new fan came up to me really excited to talk about the stamps game he watched on the Monday. I carefully told him it was a replay but loved talking about it with him.
-The personal video recorder that belltv, telus, shaw have are exeptional. you can record the game while your kids are watching family shows. when the kids go to bed, you avoid media, restart the game. another thing that does not go towards ratings.
-Jays are getting more popular. Babseball is bubbling... and thats ok. we have room for baseball and football in this country. the minor ball in southern albertas at least is becomming similar to that in winnipeg.
-More resturants and bars, that might not be considered a sports bar, are showing the game but might not recording the ratings. I am aware of this from going to some local eataries and getting to watch some games.
-this last one is a question sort of... I know i am having more poeple over to watch games. Telling my peers ot not watch the game, come over when things are calm, and we can all watch it together without interuptuon. Is this something many people are doing?

-and last... winnipeg is getting a few thousand more fans a game... i think this c0uld be the next flagship team of the CFL.

Well its good to know we hold the CFL at such a high standard now. Nothing wrong with that. I certainly do agree that it seems attendance and TV ratings haven't been as strong as perhaps anticipated. I still think over the balance of the entire season, this is nothing to be concerned about.

Like joedavtav mentioned, maybe it's time for the CFL to really look hard and ask themselves if they're taking too conservative of an approach when it comes to their product. It could also have to do with television times not being ideal. I know, myself haven't been helping the CFL's cause too much when it comes to watching games on TV.

Winnipeg has a new identity and pride with the return of the Jets that has transferred over to the Bombers as well.

We do not have all of the numbers for the games, but it appears the ratings are less this year.
I do agree with others how we must have expansion in order to develop new fans and increase these figures.
It get's a bit stale when the same two teams can play each other five times per year including pre season.

personal video recorder that belltv, telus, shaw have are exeptional.

True enough chh, I do like this piece of equipment very much.

Also with a very hot summer I think people don't associate football as much with this here in Canada. Of course they don't get all the summer training that football players do in the summer in Texas and down south in the US where it's a religion and football is basically a 12 months of the year thing even if games aren't being played all year long.

I tend to agree. The league needs to do more to keep attracting those fans that may be on the fence when it comes to whether or not to watch the game on TV. Getting some more teams into the league would go a long way to aiding this cause

ITS BEEN A DAMN HOT SUMMER IN THE PRAIRES AND MOST OF CANADA...ppl probably take off to the lake...also jays yankees,well..the yanks are me the jays vs devil rays ratings or a team not named the yankees and id suspect the cfl ratings double them.

the point is not if the CFL ratings are higher then the jays. it's that they are way down from last season.

oddly, the site that posts these ratings have not updated them since week 3.

There's a growing trend of people cancelling cable/satellite entirely due to the cost. Those people could get the game by other means (radio, Internet) and they wouldn't be counted. Combined with PVRs and the replay on TSN 2 its hard to measure how many fewer people are really watching.

That said, there's been some real stinkers this season and not a lot of great games. That Montreal/SSK game last week was brutal. I don't think a lot of low scoring poor games help at all.

There's also been a push by Rogers to promote the Jays more this year, and it seems to be paying off. TSN hasn't really done that with the CFL this year, it's been wall-to-wall hockey talk even in the summer when there's nothing going on.

Tridus is absolutely correct, and I've ranted at length on numerous threads about the scam of cable on this forum for over a year now so I'll spare you all that again for once. :stuck_out_tongue:

However do consider that basically now we have a repeat situation of ten years ago in a Great Recession in most parts of North America.

Last year in the US by comparison was the first year that total cable and satellite subscriptions were DOWN. And it is correct that ratings via other means, demanded still by the biggest advertisers, are not being counted despite adjustments in methods by that ratings industry.

How many of you all remember how long it took Big Media to roll out high-speed internet from dial-up even though the underlying technology, and much of the infrastructure, was in place in the late 1990s in at least the bigger cities? Basically they moved to "Digital Cable" far more quickly in an attempt to gouge folks for cable subscriptions and move more of the better channels to the "Digital Tier." Once high speed was around in a majority of places by 2003, predictably a good chunk of the audience left the constraints of flipping channels with worse overall content choices and more of "programming" called reality TV and informercials.

Before even recession hit back in 2001, folks already were turning in those cable boxes largely due to poor and heavily recycled content choices.

Here we are now ten years later with that same industry trying to milk separate HDTV subscriptions, with even more reality TV, informercials, and of course now still poker available though of course on most computer monitors with a solid high-speed connection you can get either a near HD or true HD picture for free now.

It was no accident in approximately 2008 that all non-IP capable TVs went on a fire sale. For all the sports but the NFL in turn down here, since they remain shoved down our throats by largely ESPN including especially East Coast sports coverage, the ratings went down only because everyone just did not need the TV any more to get their sports fix. Heck the NBA is not even profitable any more.

I suspect aside from hockey that the very same is happening up there with your sports media dominated out of Toronto as is ours out of Metro New York.

The HDTV racket with all its multiple tiers is ending with Big Media just trying to hang on before things plainly go over with the dominant content available on broadband as is already in progress. The firms who embrace that heavy flow of the audience will prevail.

Can't disagree with that, hockey, hockey 24/7 over the top hockey.