CFL TV Ratings 2019

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A bit of a struggle to start. These are TSN ratings taken from 3DownNation through the first four weeks and do not include any RDS numbers

  • Week One - the four games averaged 523,400 down 10% from Week One 2018

  • Week Two - the four games averaged 409,000 down 16% from Week 2 last year

  • Week Three - the four games averaged 529,000 - with a boost from the 764,000 post-lightning delay on Canada Day for Argos @ Riders. Before the delay the telecast had been averaging 502,600 for an overall average for that game of 633,700.

  • Week Four - the four games averaged 511,175. The great - 722,000 for Stamps - Riders. The good - 545,200 for Bombers - Redblacks. The not so good - 399,000 for Cats @ Als (I would assume 500,000+ once RDS numbers were included). The ugly - the Lions - Argos game - 378,500.

Overall through four weeks the TSN average is 493,362. That is down from 524,462 through 4 weeks of 2018 but is fairly close to the 498,312 through 4 weeks in 2017.

Thanks for this thread Pat.

It sounds like year-to-year on TSN since 2017 for the first four weeks, the approximate baseline and target for all games is 500K.

It’s unclear whether the earlier start hurt TV ratings, but I doubt it helped.

Compared to say from 2009 to 2012, I have to wonder how much lower is such a TSN baseline.

If 500k across all 4 initial weeks is significantly lower for that time period, say at least 8%, obviously examine what worked better then and adapt to target more a younger crowd and families with young children to games.

As a ray of optimism from the US, I was surprised here in the US during the game on ESPN2 in Hamilton to see ads by top advertisers replace the lower tiers and awful local homer cable trash during the games years ago.

An IBM ad was followed by that of another Fortune 100 or similar large global firm for example.

Thanks, Pat. Good info. These numbers are important in judging the health of the patient, no matter how many ostriches want to pretend “there’s nothing wrong here.”

I can’t see why there is anything wrong with these numbers.

Ya they are down from previous years, but they are still healthy. The average viewership of the CFL is still only behind that of the NHL, unless the other 2 Toronto teams are making historical runs (Jays/Raptors).

Do these numbers include streaming? Weather on TSN Direct or just through their site in general?

Half of the games I’ve watched have been through my phone as opposed to conventional TV. Curious to know if others are doing so and if it has an effect on the numbers.

I’m pretty sure those numbers do include streaming . . . at least those through official streams like TSN direct.

Good point. And one I hadn’t considered.

I watch every game through ESPN+ streaming. If the actual TV numbers are down but streaming is filling the hole, then my worries are over. It’s a natural platform migration, and actual viewership isn’t down.

By the way…maybe not the right forum, but I wanted to give a shout-out to ESPN+. For both of Saturday’s games, the streamed games did not have any commercials. It has been my pet peeve all year that I’m paying for the games, but still being subjected to ads. I’m hoping this is an intentional decision by ESPN+, and not just an oversight. If intentional, a great big “well done” to the network. If it’s an oversight…please find the person responsible and give them a promotion, a big raise, and a company car.

Still a healthy summer number 1 property at 500k average, but it would be very interesting to know the exact RDS numbers and also streaming wise.

Put that stuff on ESPN2 instead of cornhole or college baseball or other filler crap and I’d be with you.

Promotion for doing the obvious? No. You may as well just hand out another round of participation trophies because folks showed up properly dressed for work on time.

More is on that in the ratings thread for other sports. ESPN+ gets zero credit for screwing over already paying ESPN subscribers who pay enough already.

numbers include streaming

number don’t include TVs/streaming with audio on mute … some bars, tv stores, gym, etc

Really? Wow that is way more connected than I thought. Knowing the volume level as a metric. I still remember measuring viewership with toilet flushes, based on municipal water pressure. In a previous career I dealt with a woman that worked for Nielsen Ratings, and she actually called people with landlines when they were still known as telephones. I doubt she still has a job.

The only RDS number I have seen was 140,000 for the Als first game.

From 3DownNation the TSN ratings for Week 5

As I expected - Saturday evenings Cats win over the Stamps took top spot with 514,900 viewers

Next 2 games almost identical numbers.

  • Thursday’s Edmonton at B.C.: 481,300

  • Friday’s Toronto at Winnipeg: 482,400

  • Saturday afternoon’s Montreal at Ottawa game - just 277,200 viewers on TSN

Overall the Week 5 total average - 438,950 - up a bit from 2018’s 431,633 average for Week 5.

Made the list…,%202019%20-%20August%2011,%202019%20(National).pdf

Numeris says 532,000 average for Thursday, Friday and Saturday without RDS. I think it’s pretty good for the middle of summer on a pay station.

Thank you again Travel Pat!

Top Sports program for the week.

I am pretty sure these numbers don’t at least they didn’t last year. I don’t understand why they don’t, perhaps its just hard to monitor this kinda thing cheaply. They really should get on it, as it would give them a much better picture of how their really doing in terms of views. Obviously what streamers watch isn’t as relevant to TSN, at the end of the day they are getting over twenty bucks a month off them regardless of how much they watch. Still would like to know those numbers.

If that’s true then the league is fine, for now at least.

Oh my bad, I thought they didn’t.

Man it is tough coming up with individual game ratings. Here the latest I could find.

Week 7 - July 25 - 27
Thursday - Calgary @ Ottawa - 435,000
Thursday - Toronto @ Edmonton - 401,000
Friday - Winnipeg @ Hamilton - 526,000
Saturday - Saskatchewan @ BC - 750,000

Average - 528,000

I wonder how the sold out Argos - Cats Labour Day Classic will do in the TV ratings with it back to a 1PM ET start this year after early evening starts and into prime time the last few years. Although the 24C and sunny forecast is great for those of us actually going to the game - I suspect not many people will be inclined to stay indoors to watch TV here in Southern Ontario if it turns out to be that nice on the unofficial last day of summer.