CFL TV Ratings 2018

OK time for a new 'on topic' ratings thread for CFL TV ratings.

Let's try to keep this thread specifically on the CFL TV ratings. There is a thread in Other sports and entertainment part of the board where discussions about other sports ratings and how they compare to the CFL's can be found.

A good start last week on TSN.

An earlier start to the season may have provided the CFL with a quick boost in their television ratings.

Rights holder TSN posted a 12 per cent increase in their Week 1 viewership numbers over 2017, despite the fact the season has been moved up by a week. The 2018 campaign kicked off on June 14 while last year’s regular season began on June 22.

The most-watched game of the week was Friday’s contest between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Toronto Argonauts at Mosaic Stadium in Regina with an average audience of 660,500 English-language viewers. That was followed closely by the Calgary Stampeders’ game with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, which drew 651,700 on Saturday.

Thursday’s season opener between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the Edmonton Eskimos was split into two separate segments because of a weather delay that caused TSN to go to SportsCentre. The second portion of the game actually drew a higher rating (505,000) than the first (457,000.) For the purposes of the overall average, we’ve split the difference (481,000.)

Saturday’s late game between the B.C. Lions and the Montreal Alouettes drew 547,600 – a very respectable number, given that both teams missed the playoffs last season and saw some low TV numbers.

The average audience for the four-games was 585,200, an 11.7 per cent jump from the 523,750 the opening slate drew in 2017.

Good start to the season indeed. I wonder how the Thursday night opener would have fared if the storm didn't happen. Usually that evening is the highest of the week.

Number don't include RDS though I doubt they'll move the needle much this year.

I guess these numbers include TSN Direct?

The delayed portion of the game doing better than the early part is not uncommon - it has happened before. Not sure why. Perhaps less competition.

The Winnipeg - Montreal dog, against the NHL draft, will have gotten terrible numbers and drag next week's numbers down. Too bad.

I love how MLS ratings are so bad we arent even allowed to post the comparisons here anymore.

Ill just assume theyre still 20-30x MLS ratings

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