CFL TV Ratings 2017 con't

Are these Numeris numbers or another service because they are far below what we had last year?

Sunday and Monday nights have been best for CFL on TSN.

Jay and Dan returning got the hype going.

Checking archives last years Labour Day games were also high. This years Argos/Tiger-Cats game was a tad higher.

Thanks! Are these Numeris numbers, tho?

Can a person sign up to be part of the Numeris group?

Numeris always takes people. However there are 2 better rating agencies and they are taking over basically in Canada.

Numeris is slowly fading away. The agency we work with does not take anyone new but there is a program you can join once fall starts.

Bell Canada has an interesting program, you can write them a letter and get some information that way. I know back in April-May they were looking for about 100 people in Alberta to take part.

Cool. Once the fall program starts, please PM me. I would like to join and help the CFL thru my viewership. Thanks!

From the looks of things, with the storm, TSN got 5 hours of pretty darn good ratings. I know I stayed up to watch.

TSN will be showing NFL if there's more than one game. After they lost Sunday Ticket to DAZN, Bell's new thing is to show every NFL game somewhere so that people won't dump them for DAZN. If there's more than one at once, CTV will have one and TSN the other. When there's four or five at once, they start going to the regional level and the timeshifting package adds a bunch more stations so you can still see them all. (They just added a bunch more regional CTV and CTV 2 channels to support this.)

Bell doesn't want Sunday CFL games as it interferes with TSN's availability to show NFL games.

Kevin - why are you feeding him?
Numeris is the ONLY TV/radio rating agency in Canada.
Did you notice that he can't tell you or won't provide the name of any other rating agency?
That's because NUMERIS in the only source in Canada
If you want to know more about how Numeris works and gathers information from the diaries and the meters and how they calculate ratings please read this:

Don't feed the troll. He was warned and banned last year about posting without "facts" without EVER providing a link or source, when he was under the name AccessMedia

And yet he's still here, pulling the same stuff. Just how long it takes to get our top purveyor of Fake News removed is truly something.

I would rather ban the guys or gals that come to this site to do nothing but trash the CFL every time they troll here.

I agree. no banning anyone who comes to the site promoting the CFL.


So passing off total BS as fact is okay provided it's pro-CFL total BS?

I didn't realize this was Breitbart.

Thankfully the site is not.

The political thread was killed off at about the right time, after some benefit over the months until recently, for just such reasons.

If you don't like someone else's post who otherwise is promoting the CFL, well just move on to the next post if you are not going to offer some other facts or views.

There's plenty of BS reported everywhere, and that's what far more than only I do.

Bell needs toput this kind of effort, promoting the CFL. I have seen and heard more advertising for the NFL on CTV then we haveeverheard for the CFL. In fact I haven'theard any!Is there anyadvertising on CTVfor the CFL on TSN? CFL made provisions not to go against the NFL on Sundays for CTV's sakeso next contract all of this needs to be taken into account.

Bell and Rogers need to understand that the CFL viewershipright now has more people watching this sport then MLB, NBA, MLS but the league is still an after thought in their minds and a second class citizen.

Yes it is Canadian and yes it doesn't have an American sugar daddy for financialsupport. Doesn't mean the leagueshould be diminished in coverage.

not 1 thing Canadian on Dazn. CRTC - you still there?

Let's have an intelligent conversation about TV ratings - good or bad. TravelPatB used to give legit numbers but can't seem to get them anymore. ActionNews numbers have no basis in fact. CFL product this year is awesome. If that is or is not reflected in TV ratings - let's deal with the FACTS.

Well said.

After years of UNwatchable CFL football, great games are back. If that continues, the ratings will climb.

Unfortunately, a few QB.s were injured this weekend.
Even tough as nails Reilly seemed woozy.
Could hurt ratings if these guys are out too long.