CFL TV Ratings 2017 con't

You must be watching the "unofficial" feed?

Where have you been Slim Jim? I've been doing that almost all the time since 2010 when I joined this site. And when I wasn't, I was watching free cable TV and usually ESPN whether mine or at someone else's house.

Iā€™m thinking the Bomber - Riders game will have the highest CFL ratings of the year up to this point. 950,000 - 1 million viewers would be my guess.

Since the ending was close and the SRR won, I am hoping north of 1M.

Thursday Ottawa at Montreal 460k

Sunday game not yet released

You look at the CFL schedule for the next two weeks which provides us outstanding rivalries and possible games that can change the season for teams, and you look at the start times for these games, and you have to wonder what the CFL is thinking?

Labour Day game on Sunday started at 4pm et.

The game should be starting at either 6pm et or 5pm et. You must get into the 4pm-9pm window which allows everyone to watch.

The Monday games that are scheduled are perfect for Labour Day.

Next week you have the big rematch in Winnipeg and the game starts at 3pm et? That is intentionally hurting your viewing window. That game should begin either 6pm et or 7pm et.

The only reason I could see is that the Blue Bombers asked the game to start early so people could attend from Regina and then drive back following the game.

But that still should not be a reason to make a blunder in the schedule to affect the league's television opportunity so everyone across Canada can watch.

You have 3 games (tripple header on Saturday) A schedule like that makes sense on a Monday (Thanksgiving) Not on a regular Saturday. One of those games should have been put on a Friday to make that a double header.

But the CFL has to better schedule games when/where they decide to play them. A huge game next Saturday should not be starting at 3pm et on what could be the last nice summer day in Canada.

Action News, it would seem to me that the CFL did not want to go up against the NFL on either opening night Thursday night or on the traditional opening day on Sunday.

It's noteworthy that there are only three regular season games scheduled on Sunday for the rest of the season and no more Thursday night games.

There has to be a better way than to have a triple header on a Saturday though.

From last year Labour Day numbers:
Arash Madani

[ltr]Want accurate TV numbers for the#CFLon Labour Day? Argos-Ticats did 902,000 on English TV. The Stamps-Esks did 781,000.[/ltr]
9:55 AM - Sep 8, 2016

Thank goodness for that news! Hate Thursday night games






From Zelkowicz - the past 3 Labour Day numbers

For the CFL in the summer, I like them but beyond the first few weeks of September, I agree. This year there are none in September, so I think the CFL is on the right track.

In the NFL, I am okay with them also in September, maybe even for the first two Sundays in October, and then perhaps U.S. Thanksgiving and beyond but I'm with you that I don't like so many of them. The match-ups in the past few years have been absolutely awful too.

Was that at the start or end of the game given the no show by the Als :wink:

With you on that.

The numbers provided to the company gives the avg per minute depending game. 3 hrs for football so from the start of the time slot say its 7pm-10pm the number 460,000 is they take the peak average (PKG) and the Medium (MKG) and they determine how many people watched most of the event. From what I was told for Football its 3 1/2 qtrs for PKG. So 460,000 would mean there could have been an audience approx 600,000 but that # only watched the MKG which for Football is 1 1/2.

Note- For Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Golf there is no MKG rating which also gives these sports an unfair calculation. This is why Soccer, Tennis, Golf do not fall in the GX ratings and the Pro ratings until end of the week ratings in the USA. Majority of the audience does not watch all of these events that are at least just casual viewers.

TV shows are different as the rating companies and the advertisers know that if you are watching a television program like Seinfeld they are not going to get a MKG rating on new episodes and then turn the channel. Those are NR and unavailable for readings so if you ever get a total audience (which you never will) they are estimated.

And in the USA you will read lots about projections for what the t.v amount is the next day. But its not the official rating. This also happens on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

The total audience which (2) other agencies use is kind of pointless and is rarely used for statistics.


Winnipeg at Saskatchewan 920k

Edmonton at Calgary 650k (blowout clearly affected number)

Toronto at Hamilton * avg 1st part of game 1 hr - 720k *
* rating for post-delay 950k - peak reached 1.35 million 10pm-11:30

*toronto at hamilton ratings highest rated CFL game of the season as well most watched sporting event this summer.

I might get the expanded numbers including demographic on Thursday from the Winnipeg/Saskatchewan game.

Good to hear about Thursday Night games. Not a fan. Although I will watch CFL any day.
Not happy about the Sunday games. I love Sunday CFL games. Sunday is the traditional football day. I get Saturdays, the CFL doesn't have to deal with the NFL, but in the past, they get hit harder going up against NHL HNIC than NFL games on Sunday. I know this is the TSN effect as well, as without MLB (BlueJays) or NHL, TSN doesn't want their two biggest ratings programs to go up against each other, but I still think the time slot of the 2pm MT still would work. Only a few NFL games on at that time.

CFL for sure how their commissioner reacts to what he sees will make changes with the scheduling and work with TSN more closely.

I understand come September viewing habits are much different than the summer, and TSN is a premier network in Canada and does a fantastic job covering the CFL, but you have to create more stable scheduling and properly schedule match-ups on particular dates to attract better attendance and tv numbers.

Hamilton and Toronto with outstanding numbers last night. Everyone at work and all my friends were talking about the game from last night this morning. Tune into the radio and it is all CFL talk.

This was a terrific week and unfortunately the Battle of Alberta wasn't close but the Battle of the Lake was outstanding.

Just got information that Winnipeg at Saskatchewan peak reached 1.32 million.

The games were the most watched sporting event in Canada this summer and would rank top 5 in most watched on Television sine January.

I'm amazed that not only were so many watching the Toronto-Hamilton game given the conditions and the break in the action, but also even more were watching after the delay into the wee hours!

Is there a hint there for the schedulers? Starting later on Labour Day on the East Coast is better?