CFL TV Ratings 2017 con't

Winnipeg at Montreal 690k

Saskatchewan at Edmonton 550k

BC at Ottawa 490k

Toronto at Calgary 540k

That number for the game on Thursday night at Montreal, the highest of the week, is astounding. Does that number include RDS? And Saturday afternoon or early evening games almost always pull lower ratings, so I'm not surprised at that number for the game in Ottawa.

Saturday afternoon games not good idea in the summer. I imagine the new commissioner will be making changes to the scheduling. I would expect lots of Sunday evening games in the summer next season, back to back Thursday or Friday (for the same markets each week) and only Saturday night games. Also expect to see at least 2 Monday night games.

I wish they would add some consistency to the schedule. 2 games Friday and 2 Saturday or something. Games pretty well every day of the week make it harder for casual fans to be engaged. A lot of casual fans don't know when the next game is.
With the NFL, most games are on a Sunday. NHL, you know there is a game pretty much every Saturday. People start to plan around the games.

i agree and i expect the CFL to finally do something about it. Look at the big matchups and when those teams play. Create consistency and you will improve the overall stature of the league.

This week is a perfect example. You got the Sunday game, 2 Monday games. That's CFL tradition. And they will get huge attendances and tv ratings.

Paul Sensro @ CFL has tweeted that 675,000 watched the Riders/Esks on TSN last week...not 550,000 which seems quite low for a Riders road game, especially vs. the Evil Empire.

Paulo Senra Retweeted Paulo Senra
I should also mention: Thursday's @Wpg_BlueBombers vs @MTLAlouettes avg audience of 714,000 was also the #1 sport broadcast of the day. #CFL
Paulo Senra added,

An avg of 675,000 Canadians watched @sskroughriders vs @EdmontonEsks on @CFLonTSN's #FNF, the most-watched sport broadcast last Friday. #CFL

Totally agree. We all know we turn on CBC at 7pm on Saturday night there is a hockey game.

The numbers he supplies are from Numeris. I double checked and my numbers were correct. Numeris only uses average based on calculations off TSN. Bell does not supply them the information until 5 days later so its pointless for Numeris to come out with any number until GS2 are used.

The ratings I use are more accurate as they come from the source along with calculations from individual channels. Every major company in Canada uses the ones I use. If you walk into a newspaper or radio station they will not be using Numeris unless its Corus Entertainment lol for obvious reasons.

Numeris in fact is not used by most of the top canada advertising firms no longer.

Can you tell us the name of the new company that advertising firms use for their ratings? That should be pretty simple for someone as well connected as you right?

Seems the people have turned the CFL back on.

Very nice!

Funny scenario as many fans that voice opinions have been so wrong in the past when discussing the CFL start time. Imagine the league started in May-June and ended in October. The ratings wouldn't be great. Maybe if they had all their games on Friday-Sunday-Monday for prime viewing, but would it be worth it?

Majority of sports fans are gearing up now for a load of sporting events and the CFL #'s are going to be very high.

It's what I have said for a while now.

You may have just changed my mind on this. I was someone who always believed in starting the season 2 weeks earlier. Having said that, it might hurt our TV numbers.

I've been watching games for last while on BT Sports.
Anyone have any idea what those numbers are like?

Considering that BT Sports has few subscribers in the UK and with the 5 to 8 hour time difference,
I would be surprised if CFL football would be watched by anyone other than Canadians living there.

The weekend afternoon games would be broadcast at a decent time in the UK but not the evening games.

This is the 3rd year BT Sports in Great Britain has been broadcasting CFL games. Most of the games last year were on BT2 while some CFL games this season are being shown on the main BT1 network. If the ratings were so bad would they continue to show CFL football and promote them to the main BT1 network?

They probably don't draw the 240,000 viewers the CFL has drawn on ESPN2 this year but just going from the many comments from English CFL viewers the audience must be big enough to justify broadcasting the games live across Great Britain.

I am sure the ratings are fine on BT, as they are for ESPN.

The only important question is : When will they translate into real money for the CFL? If they don`t, viewership numbers are irrelevant.

I agree wholeheartedly. I don't like Saturday afternoon games in the fall either for that matter. Also I don't think any games should start before 7PM ET unless on a Sunday or a holiday.

I would raise my hand as a viewer here in the US because most of the time BT Sport is the feed I receive when watching games on streams. Many of the advertisements are for gambling sites too.