The new ratings meters now include bar patrons as viewers. The NFL and NHL ratings have ballooned over last season, partly due to their popularity in sports bars. I don't think the CFL gets on the TV in many bars in Canada.

not unless a large group asks... but in restaurants, like Red Robin.. they have played games on tv before.

I think the Cats have done decently ratings wise this year.

Yuk I agree with you as both of the games should do well in excess of 1M this week alone.
I predict how the Stamps-Riders may do in excess of 1.5M and the Cats-BB of at least 1.25M.
While the playoffs and depending on the match ups will do over 1M each for sure.

I think the Eskies/Lions game will draw more than the Bombers/Cats.

What is at issue is not whether or not the Riders have great fans, they do. What I and I would assume others have a problem with is the constant reminders and self-gratification demanded by certain Rider fans who seem to need to turn almost every post and subject into yet another, we are the greatest commercial.

The fact is that fan value is absolutely subjective and the only objective measurement of fan support is numbers. The day the Riders lead the league in attendance, I will promise to publicly affirm that the Riders are the best fans in the World and hopefully I will never again have to hear how great Riders fans are.

Now, dump manure on my lawn and go away.

hey mr Esk..

you don't get it I think.

the Esk/Sask game in the City here this season..

how many fans were at the game?

62,000 ??


how many of those fans were rider fans? 10,000-15,000 roughly..

there's only one other team in the entire league that could have even gotten CLOSE to that same # of fans in the stands..

and that was Calgary.. oh, wait how many did they get for the games here in Edmonton..?? 43,000..

How many seasons now have the Eskimos had the Largest crowds when the Riders come to town???


If you were to go look at all the places in Canada, Vancouver.. Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto.. and see how many seats were sold when the Saskatchewan Roughriders came to town, and compare it to other teams???

I can bet you that they did NOT get as many fans when the Eskimos came..

Calgary might be the exception but just remember, when Saskatchewan played the Stamps in that 44-44 tie.. there were a HUGE # of Rider fans there that day.. filling up all those extra temp seats! Edmonton didn't get that!

the Riders may not have a 60,000+ stadium like the Eskimos have.. thank the City that they got the Commonwealth games, or else they'd have the same # of seats like everyone else has..

But if you were to theoretically go all over Canada and count the number of Roughrider fans that live in the Country, We would more than Double the # of Eskimos fans or every other team.. Easily!

why do you think when you go to a Jersey City and Game on Sports.. that supplies CFL gear.. that you see just as much Roughriders gear as you see Esks gear?? because there are a large # of Roughrider fans that live in Edmonton!

more often than not when I go to the store and I look around the Rider stuff has sold out before the Eskimos stuff...

and it's NOT because they have more Esks stuff.. it's because the Rider's gear sells first.


the stamps game was head to head with the flames game. In Calgary, Hockey is still king. and it was on a sat night... on haloween... tough time slot. the time slot for the stamps game is better this weekend.

comment about the jersies... its really frustrating that i cant get stamps jersies since i like to close to the sask border. i went into a jersy city in medicine hat... tried to order a henry burris... the owner is a binder pilot, told me he would never sell a burris jersy in his store. have to go to the stamps store.

thats pretty pathetic...

he'd be willing to lose business because he has a vendetta against Burris or the Stamps??

get over it, sell everything! don't sell yourself short because of a personal issue with a team or person!

I do understand that the Riders have great fan support, always have. What I don't understand is the constant need to affirm that greatness. Be happy knowing you support your team but quit trying to get affirmation from the rest of us. Yes the Rider attendance is riding a high but remember that this is very much a fairly recent phenomina. For decades the highest attended CFL game has been the Calgary - Edmonton game the week after Labour Day and we didn't have Calgary fans wanting to be annointed as the greatest as a result.

Since you guys are hung up on claiming you are the greatest based on subjective criteria, how about this one, "Riders fans have become, by far, the most obnoxious in the CFL!"

Now toss a beer bottle at me, and go away.

he's got it backwards, the tiger-cats are the most viewed game that week. sheesh! :wink:

Only Ottawa and area would see that game on CBC...

The CFL game would be coast to coast...

True but production costs being similar, you could argue that viewer per dollar (value) to the broadcaster is much higher with the CFL. Cheaper TV rights and similar production costs for twice the viewers... CFL is great value.

And you would be wrong on that score, the Atlanta/Ottawa game was on coast to coast.


How could that be... I saw bits and pieces of the Leaf/Hab game and the Calgary game was the late game...

While we are talking numbers, there have been 3 games this year where attendance has been over 40,000 and one team played in all three games, and it wasn't Saskatchewan.

And probably no one on the sidelines got hit in the head with beer cans...

More numbers, total attendance home and away:

Saskatchewan 535661
Edmonton 560636

There we have it, absolute proof. Edmonton has better fans than Saskatchewan!