This weeks numbers are somewhat less, but the competition on the weekend was awesome.
I am still calling for over 1M watching the Als-BB game on Sunday with the combination TSN and RDS figures which no one ever prints but we know are off the chart in Quebec and Eastern Provinces.
As for the nonsense of multi NFL games at the same time, that is bogus.

by Chris Zelkovich
World Series hits ratings homer
While many out there have been predicting the death of baseball for some time, the fact is that all the sport needs are a couple of marquee teams and a competitive series to draw huge audiences.

Now, we are talking relatively huge here. Huge huge is what Hockey Night In Canada drew Saturday for the Leafs-Habs game: 2.45 million viewers. In this country, nothing tops hockey. Nothing ever will.

And imagine how big those numbers would be if the Leafs could ever ice a good team, or the Canadiens could play consistent hockey. By the way, if there are any thoughts that a bad start will cause Leaf fans to break ankles jumping off the bandwagon, Sportsnet drew the weekend's seventh-highest audience, for a Leaf game shown only in Ontario.

Relatively huge was the audience Rogers Sportsnet attracted for Sunday's World Series game: 840,000. That doesn't include all those who watched on Fox, which I'm guessing was at least another 800,000. That's not hockey huge, but it's huge.

Not so huge were the Toronto Raptors. They got off to a great start last week, drawing a record audience of 420,000 on The Score. But that fell to 240,000 Friday and only 190,000 on Sunday.

Here are the top English-Canadian sports ratings for the weekend, as supplied by BBM overnight calculations:

  1. NHL: Leafs at Canadiens, Saturday, CBC: 2,453,000

  2. MLB: World Series Game 4, Sunday, Sportsnet: 840,000*

  3. NHL: Red Wings at Flames, Saturday, CBC: 809,000

  4. NFL: Early games, Sunday, CTV: 786,000

  5. NHL: Hockey Night In Canada pre-game, Saturday, CBC: 781,000

  6. CFL: Roughriders at Tiger-Cats, Saturday, TSN: 775,000

  7. NHL: Leafs at Sabres, Friday, Sportsnet: 692,000**

  8. NFL: Falcons at Saints, Monday, TSN: 679,000

  9. NFL: Vikings at Packers, Sunday, Citytv: 673,000

  10. MLB: World Series Game 3, Saturday, Sportsnet: 633,000*

  11. CFL: Blue Bombers at Alouettes, Sunday, TSN: 537,000

  12. CFL: Stampeders at Lions, Saturday, TSN: 519,000

  13. CFL: Argonauts at Eskimos, Friday, TSN: 515,000

  14. NHL: Thrashers at Senators, Saturday, CBC: 499,000

  15. Figure skating: Grand Prix of China, Saturday, CBC: 338,000

  16. Auto racing: F1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Sunday, TSN: 243,000

  17. NBA: Raptors at Grizzlies, Friday, TSN: 240,000

those number seem a little low thats for sure for the games this weekend. i thought with printers back in forum, the game with the lions would draw better especially.

I love how once again the Roughriders are in the most viewed game that week!

I love how the Roughriders have the least amount of Grey Cups !

Again, the quality of the CFL viewership compared with the NFL viewership is no comparison I'd say with CFL viewers more actively watching the game for the game sakes where NFL numbers are more to watch to see if a team wins for gambling purposes and the "in" thing to have on in a house and that. Quality just isn't reflected in numbers alone. And as I've said, with so much hype surrounding the much bigger NFL that is on all the general American broadcasts in the news and that, in my books the NFL should be getting numbers to outdo any CFL game by at least minimum double the viewership.

I don't think the NFL was beating the CFL as much in previous years. Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought the CFL pretty much dominated the NFL ratings from like 2000-2006ish. If that is the case- which as I've stated I really have no proof so that makes this arguement crap, however I'll say it anyway-I wonder if the NFL being on broadcast television as opposed to a cable only channel is making the difference. I know there are only three million viewers or so that don't have cable, but it is also about perception and being in those first 1-13ish channels slots makes a big difference.

you just can't keep yourself from taking a shot at them and making an ass of yourself.

....yet you do the same with the Eskimos, with the same results....interesting....

The numbers were low this week. I guess people had to chose between HNIC and Lions-Stamps. And you can't expect great numbers for the argo game. Also alot of the Als' games numbers are omitted.

I guess Rider fans can dish it out , but can't take it !
It's okay,you will pass Queens in Grey Cups one day :lol:

If you want to take any positives from this...

These two games went head to head...victory CFL....

Are there 450k viewers of the CFL on RDS or Radio Canada TV (or whoever carries the CFL in French on TV). That's a massive portion of the population (like roughly one in every fifteen people). If the CFL is drawing that kind of viewership in PQ, we should be looking at putting a team in QC as an absolute priority and maybe add one or more elsewhere, like in Sherbrooke or Trois Rivieres, to take advantage of the populations in the townships region (although, if I'm not mistaken, they are both close to each other and Montreal). As it is, the CFL had some key matches this past week, but going up against the Leafs-Habs, a World Series, Favre's return to Green Bay (bad game), that doesn't surprise me.

This is a topic about tv numbers.. and I mention that once again the Riders are in the game with the top #'s and the best you can do to attempt to insult me or nag me is mention how we only have 3 Grey Cups? is that the best that you can do? you have nothing good to add to this conversation that you need to bring this up?

you're sad.

Did it ever occur to you that the large #'s were people tuning in to see Hamilton and not the Riders? why is always the Riders that are the draw, there were 2 teams playing you know. or maybe they tuned in (as I did) just to hopefully watch the Riders lose lol.

ya right…

that’s why when it’s someone else vs Hamilton, the #'s are much lower… uhuh

Next week should be better, as all the games except one have playoff implications.

if not, then the bias of this list will be exposed.

It worked, sorry I hurt your feelings !

     For the record, every CFL fan helps make the league a special part of Canadian culture . If individual teams actually tried to market their product , things would even get better.

I agree with what you are saying.. but the fact of the Matter is , i Haven't seen the dedication and desire and love towards a team like the Roughriders from anywhere else, in such high numbers!

just have to look at all the polls, the voting that happens for things the league creates.

the fact that the RIders have been in every game this year that broke the Million mark for viewers..

Don't worry, there will be a nice bounce back this week. The Rider-Calgary game should be another record setter and the other 2 games (that matter) should be nicely into the 800K range.

And the west-east semi's should easily do a million each.

A Western Final in Saskatchewan would get a very nice viewership! especially if it's Calgary..

woo hoo!