The latest numbers are out and we have the top two sporting events and really top three when you factor RDS figures for the Als Sunday game, based on the old system it was averaging 300,000 but now with the new ratings this 300,000 figure is more like 500,000 and that would be another 1M+ property.
The thing that bothers me about this article is how Chris Z knows about the missing RDS numbers and especially that he is now the writer for the Argos.
But then he comes up with the nonsense almost every week how the NFL figures for American viewership is not included.

Even with the new rating system, Toronto FC are still no where to be seen!!!!!!!! Gotta love it!!!!! :wink:


Yes just family and friends.

I love that equestrian got better ratings than the blow jays.

Soccer is all gaga in Toronto with TFC selling out 20,000 every game and some 15,000 on the waiting list but I guess it's all about going to the game and singing and dancing and waving ribbons, they couldn't care that much about actually what's going on on the field or how the team is doing. I guess that's the MLS for you in North America.

where does this writer get off saying NFL ratings were probably 150,000-250,000 more than it was if you count the viewers who were watchin on the american network, NBC, but he says nothing about the 300,000-500,000 more viewers the als vs bombers game had on RDS???

either mention both numbers or neither.

dg, it's the media and a lot of media LOVE going gaga over anything American based, hey, it's so apparent it's actually quite funny to be honest.

These figures are for the English language audience only. The French TV ratings are totally separate and they use a different ratings system, telephone polling estimates, I believe. That's perhaps why they routinely report 200,000 RDS viewers for an Als game and 1,000,000 for the Als in the GC...and 100,000 for the GC without the Als. :roll:

I don't think we can just add these French numbers to the CFL, as the NFL is popular in Quebec also.

It's odd now that Monday night football has started up, the media has expanded their "Weekend Sports Top 10" TV ratings to now include NFL MNF (and Thurs. nights NFL game) ratings in the "top 17"?...but they never include ratings for Thursday night CFL games?...Which would of added another top-rated CFL game near the top of the sports list each week.

wow - you've so hit the nail on the head.......... :roll:

While I disagree with Earl's assessment that TFC fans don't care what's happening ion the field, the point he's trying to illustrate is that the interest in TFC doesn't go far beyond the stadium. Their live attendance constitutes about 50% of their road game TV audience.

Yes it is a niche sport, with a small but faithful gathering.

Yes it is a niche sport, with a small but faithful gathering.
exactly - I don't think anyone ever said any different. It will be a niche sport for a long time.
lol - I got Earls's point. I'm just in a lot of pain right now and it's easy to get frustrated- just got my stitches out and had a gruelling rehab session (ACL reconstruction). and I'm out of meds.

great article about CFL’s tv rating superiority over the NFL:

[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]

I'm not saying people don't love TFC and the team in Toronto, man they do with 15,000 on the waiting list even if in a 20,000 seater. But you have to follow your team to see how they are doing, it can't just be about holding hands and arm and arm thing in the stands at games and waving ribbons and chanting. That's superficial, there needs to be more people watching on TV, heck, they are in a city of some 5 mill or so and more than half I've heard don't have a mother tongue of English. I just find it very weird that TFC's numbers are so low on TV with these live numbers of people going to games. And I wish TFC all the best of luck in their hunt for the playoffs as Canada's rep of MLS in pro soccer in NA. But come on soccer fans, watch the team for pete's sakes!

Yes a good article DG.
And Ian Busby is a great CFL writer, he has a weekly roundup in the Sun so we will forgive him for his earlier mistake of should have known better that the CFL has been going head to head with the NFL for many Sunday's and has been smoking them each and every week.

im annoyed flutie was released by espn. he was good. i hope he someday walks across the boarder to do cfl games.

I just read how he has been signed up to do the new crap league, that will be a short term gig.

Didn't realize "The Doug" was let go my ESPN. I don't watch much college football but I would think he would be good???

he was awesome. i wish the cfl would grab him. he would be awesome on the pannel. put dunnigan in place of Black. then flutie can have dunnigans spot. an american Quality qb who won grey cups. so we would not lose.

I think the Argos should seriously try to sign Doug as an OC, a position which is sadly lacking.