Another TV weekened in the books and again very strong numbers for CFL viewing, with 3 out of the top 7 games. Here are the figures.

  1. Hockey, Flyers-Leafs @ 1.344M
  2. Hockey, Avs-Canucks @ 1.086
  3. Baseball, World Series GM 2 @ 548,000(down from last year 740,000)
  4. CFL, Argos-Als CBC @ 530,000 (up form average 478,000)
  5. Baseball, World Series GM 1 @ 483,000
  6. CFL, Stamps-Riders TSN @ 478,000 (up from average 390,000)
  7. CFL, Gades-Ticats TSN @ 352,000
    In summary, hockey continuous strong, the World Series is down without Yankees and or Red Sox, our CFL is right up there and continuous with strong Sunday numbers. Again, No Fun League which is completely out of the picture. I would have thought the Argos -Als would have had better numbers, but being a Saturday afternoon and not primetime, the figures are decent.

ooooooo.....ESKYLO....which MAIN EVENT got higher CFL ratings?!?....hahahaha

i was right for calling the ARGOS vs Als game the MAIN EVENT...

so never speak again!

I think the numbers for the Als-Argos game are fantastic as, as you say, it was Saturday afternoon when a lot of people are out shopping and doing other stuff. Flip football and hockey around for the times and the numbers would be closer.
But, to be fair, hockey will have to rule on Saturday nights, this is what makes the most money for the TV stations and will always get the biggest numbers.
What I think are great are the big crowd in Montreal the same day as a hockey game that night and I think the Lions and Nucks were playing at the same time and I'm sure there had to be a crowd of around 24,000 from what it looked like on TV.
And look at my TiCats, we had just under 27,000 Friday night agains't the Gades, not a great team, and we are out of the playoffs. And people here are talking sellout of 28,500 for the final game agains't the Als!

i know a few people who wanted to watch the argos/als game but forgot it was so early at 3 pm.....instead of they didn't start watching until the 3rd quarter.

thanks for those numbers.......

For good or bad, thanx for the numbers. I was stoked about the Als/Argos game so it was a good thing I checked the start time the day before.

Lions will not see that number for attendance (24K) again for the next couple of years at least. Season tickets this year is 20K and they should get at least 25K for next year.

understandable that the TV number for the Lions/Bombers game was nowhere in sight:

  1. local blackout
  2. Nucks on TV (at the same time and playing literally across the street)
  3. Bombers
  4. PST start time

Attendance was 29700+ BTW. It was interesting that David Braley called Bettman about the schedule conflict in the future. What a bonehead move on the part of the NHL. How can you NOT AVOID 9 home dates and only 2-3 in the month of Oct/Nov !!!! So the Vancouver downtown core was congested with 60K+ people on a Saturday night.

FANTASTIC!!! and hopefully the American numbers should be up too.

  1. Baseball, World Series GM 2 @ 548,000(down from last year 740,000)

likely because of the Expos moving, Canadians don't really care about the MLB anymore, except for the playoffs.

Nah. It's because the Yankees aren't in it anymore. So many people just plain hate or love them they can't do anything but watch. If the Yankees or Red Sox were in the World Series, there would be many more viewers.

Thanks sporttz for the proper attendance for the Lions game. Even more people than I thought and as mentioned with the Nucks playing, great stuff there in Vancouver!