CFL TV coverage

Win vs Sk: TSN 3 only (sk/mb regional channel)
Cal vs Edm: TSN 1 and 3 (BC,AB,SK,MB)
Ott vs BC: TSN 1, 3, 4 (hour late), 5 (2 hours late) (west, ont late, ottawa east 2 hours late)

Dont know why ratings have gone down.
When i had shaw cable, i only got TSN 3 and TSN 2.
Fortunately, when i switched to shaw direct, the same package included all TSN channels.

Mtl and Ottawa at 256 k should be examined a little more .

Ottawa is a mess of a team but those numbers stand out and it's been that way even when they were playing good .

Is it the audience availability possibly because of regionality restrictions for TSN , teams themselves or something else .