CFL TV coverage

Why isn't TSN showing any of the traditional Labour Day classics this year? I guess US open tennis draws more advertising dollars?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say, "ABSOLUTELY FREAKIN' YES!!!"

I'd rather watch the CFL but the rest of this planet is glued to tennis. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

TSN is showing every game.

Where? certainly not in my market (Ottawa)

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TSN? I thought TSN2 was doing a good chunk of the CFL broadcasts. :thinking:

Showing baseball right now

In Canada TSN 4 is airing the Labour Day Classic.

In the US ESPN+ aired the first game. The second was supposed to air on ESPNEWS but they're airing a MLB game. It directs viewers to the ESPN app but I'm getting the "This event has not yet started"'s past 4:30 pm ET.

I'm watching on TSN Direct in Ottawa. Not the same, I know, but it's an option.

The game is listed as being on TSN1 and TSN4.

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Same here, I keep switching back and forth but there is a baseball game on the ESPN News channel, but says to go to the app, and like you its not showing.

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I watched the first game on the ESPN+ app. Came back to watch the 2nd game and its nowhere to be found. It shows not being live on the app, so I went to the TV ESPN News where it shows on the guide, but there is a baseball game instead and at the bottom it directs you to the app to watch. Are you serious? I want to watch CFL like it says its supposed to be playing.


I found TSN 4 ..way up on dial ..wouldn't have looked there TBH..


Doesnt cost much extra to have all the tsn channels in Canada. All games are on at least one of them.

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I have seen every game so far


Same here. ESPN is running a Mickey Mouse operation (pun intended) when it comes to the CFL. It took them over an hour to realize the stream on the app wasn't active. We lost the first quarter of the second game.


But before the CFL had a national coverage game they had better ratings on TSN ; then after the change to regional a huge drop .

Either they lost the casual viewer or the average Canadian said there is not enough on TSN for me to pay for the package or bother searching for come game day if they do receive the package .

I only get TSN for the CFL there is nothing on there I can't get somewhere else better or cheaper .

BUT I am a huge fan .

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I also watch afl and world football on tsn channels. Watched the Canadian girl win tennis yesterday. Some NFL games. Some other stuff

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TSN has 5 channels and almost always the game is on at least two channels. I'm with Telus Optic and unless you have the Basic Package you get TSN channels as one package.

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ESPN clearly fell asleep at the wheel in terms of the app. The MLB situation was so bad on ESPN. Would have loved the game in Denver to air on the MLB Network (like NBCSN would do with the NHL Network) so ESPNews could have shown the Battle of Alberta. FWIW, the whole game is available on the ESPN app now.

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I think TSN will be ecstatic with those WPG @ SSK #'s

Weekend ! Sports TV Viewership
Sept 3rd
Blue Jays: 580k (SN)
US Open: 262k (TSN)
MTL/OTT: 256k (TSN)
Sept 4th
Blue Jays: 674k (SN)
US Open: 347k (TSN)
Sept 5th
WIN/SAK: 980k (TSN)
Blue Jays: 695k (SN)
CAN/USA: 393k (TSN)
Dutch GP: 372k (TSN)

Typically the stream will activate at the prescribed time of the event but for some reason it didn't yesterday. ESPN actually launched it under the ESPN3 brand and deleted the ESPNews brand it was supposed to be on.

I hope they don't pull that nonsense again.