CFL/TSN needs to take some advice from the NFL with TV

I'm getting tired of how our Canadian Broadcasters, TSN and CBC (especially) are so weak in this dept!!

The Camera work is bad.. doesn't matter if the NFL has 20 more cameras per game.

The Play By Play and Color Commentating is poor..

They need to get guys who have good intellectual skills and are Football people!!

They need to honestly find more Chris Cuthberts!!

I'm so sick of these guys who sound like they aren't sure of themselves when they do the game.

We need to seriously take some heavy advice from the NFL and how they do their games.

I don't really understand why our TV guys are so poor!??

I kind of enjoy your TV guys, really. For me, they're a refreshing break from some of the clowns we have down here in the US of A nowadays. Careful what you wish for...I'd gladly swap Shannon Sharpe, or Tony Kornheiser or any of some others for a few of yours instead. I could do without Walby's incessant gabbing and Kahari Jones is no English major, but other than that, I like what I've seen so far.

I saw Riders-Stamps on Monday and the audio portion was so screwed up for about 20 minutes that all you heard was amplified crowd and P.A sounds, no play by play at all. It was cool. I felt more a part of the game, like I was in Calgary myself.

I like Cuthbert and Suitor, after that it goes downhill fast!

I always liked Daved Bennefield on the Team 1040 as an anylyst on the pre-game. Why not give him a shot as a colour guy. Couldnt be any worse than Marble Mouth Walby!

In the States they usually require announcers that can speak and can put a sentence together. No such criteria for TSN or CBC. If your a retired player and want to be a colour man, you got the job. No questions asked, no talent or training required. Same goes with the cameraman, or more correctly the floor directors, who have often been more miss than hit in picking the right camera.

So who's your idea of an exceptional announcer/color guy in the States? I've been watching football here for decades, and right now I can't think of one who's any better or worse than what exists in the CFL. The ex-players all stumble over words and the PBP guys do it too. It's a more difficult job than it seems on the surface. I try to ignore it and focus on the game.

I dont want a copy of a US show if I wanted that Id watch sportsnet. They need 3 guys in the booth Its a lot of pressure to have 2 guys talk for 3 hours sometimes your off and dont have anything to say.

So who's your idea of an exceptional announcer/color guy in the States?
I don't really follow U.S. football, but when I click through some of the NCAA games, Brent Musberger ain't bad. It seems all the other color guys are clean cut and well spoken. I used to like that one radio guy, Hank Stramm? I used to like Dick Enberg, the silver-haired guy, also. They don't have guys like Jones and McManus that stumble over every word. They would be sent to cover Jr. High games for a few years to hone their craft...and learn to think and talk coherently with someone talking in your ear. 8)

I like TSN's coverage, especially Schultz and Climie.

In the States they're this, in the States they're that, in the States they're SO much better at EVERYTHING.

It's all B.S..

In the States they're NO BETTER than anybody else. Get over it.

The CFL commentators/announcers ARE JUST FINE. Those of you who focus on every single word should pay more attention to the game instead, or go read a book or something.

Could the CFL coverage use a few more cameras? Probably but so what. It's not going to make the game any more exciting that it already is. The CFL is what it is. Enjoy it and stop kow towing to US TV money.

This canuck inferiority complex gets really annoying.

/end rant

A couple more cameras would help but that's about it. The commentators are just fine for the most part. Some people like them, some don't and it is impossible to please everyone all the time.

Hey, at least we haven't put Rick Mercer on the broadcast team (that would be equivalent to the Dennis Miller addition to MNF). In the NFL, they sell the sizzle. In the CFL, we get the steak.

I agree they need at least one more end zone camera and one more side line camera. They miss to much when they do their iso shots. The camera guy is so focused on the iso he misses the rest of the play by time he needs to cut over to the live action.

In terms of the commentators, yes some are very good and some are poor to average. While Walby is not a great speaker he is normally informative. The problem with most of the play by play guys is they don't very much play by play it is supporting the color man.

If I may for a second.

The NFL thrives off of media and merchandise. the presentation is really just to polish off a product that is slow, restricted, and 2 dimensional so that the product can live up to the hype previously created by media.

unfortunately i doubt the CFL has a million pergame to drop into production, plus with a 20 sec play clock, i'd bet any more cameras would simply be ineffective or go unused.

and i think Our commentators do a great job discussing Our game. Who better to comment on what's happening and why it's happening, then someone who made a career in the Canadian game?

another option is to mute the tv and listen to a radio or web cast of your hometeam. also, you should be proud of the things that seperate Our game from the American version and presentation of football.

Agreed, but unfortunately I think it is more a part of our Canadian culture than we realize.

Exactly rpaege. You can tell people that and show them why the football is the same and they stand there with their buck teeth hanging out, and nothing to say. Maybe they wont be happy till their passport says the United States of America on it. This is what I do. I f I have a friend that follows the NFL and he sells watches I tell him Id never buy a watch in Canada because the watches here are beer league and the stores here are beer league and if I wanted one Id go to the US. Thats about all I have really been able to come up with to make a point.

Another thing I do is when I see someone wearing a US college shirt I go up to them and high 5 them. Then ask them if they know so and so, how was it down there,what did they take? Oh you just bought the shirt pause for a while oh I guess thats cool I thought you went there or lived there, by the time Im done with them them Im sure they are asking themselves yeah why did I buy this shirt. Also asking a million questions during a US game is good too keep asking them who that guy is and where did he go to college you find out very quickly they have no idea who or what they are watching. I have also realised that the people who follow the NFL over the CFL never played football and have SMALL NANS DISEASE

should have read SMALL MANS DISEASE

I agree. I am sick of people up here always pointing to the people down south as the measuring stick. Espcially when most of the people down south in their are bloody Canadians!

But what gets me is how the Taranna media just worships American athletes and puts ours down all the time as inferior(CFL) or unworthy (hockey) or jokes (curling).

Yet look at these American heroes? Marion Jones, Michael Vick, Floyd Landis, Carl Lewis, BArry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Kobe Bryant, any NFL player, etc etc.

They're all cheats, frauds, felons and liars. Yet the media up here just comes back for more. They're a joke.

I like Cuthbert, Suitor, and the TSN panel (Dunnigan, Clime, Schultz, and Randorf). They do as good a job as anyone. TSN is polished, entertaining, insightful and professional.

The CBC crew sometimes has their moments but generally they are second-rate. Khari and Walby should not be in the booth - they have trouble stringing enough words together to make a meaningful sentence and they always show a bias. (What was with Khari in the Lions-Esks game in the second half when the Lions are 2nd and short, Khari: "We need to stop them here." We? WE!? The broadcast booth? Surely you couldn't be cheering for Edmonton Mr. Jones.) Then there is Millington who is no better and shows a bias the other way... but at least he's not doing colour or play-by-play. The only two I don't mind with CBC are Benefield and Frers - at least they are reasonably articulate and insightful.

Between the TV coverage and the online coverage, TSN does a much better job than CBC IMO. I for one am not sad to see TSN taking over the CFL coverage.