CFL & TSN have no links

CFL and TSN, suppossed partners, have no links to each other on their websites. wtf? Is this normal? I thought they used to. Any body know any thing? :roll:

Didn't someone bring this up before?

I dont remember any links between the two

probably me but it’s still bothering me. It seems like PR 101 to me but perhaps I’m just ignorant and don’t understand all the nuances of marketing in modern pro sport. Why wouldn’t they have links to each other’s web site? Why doesn’t the CFL web site inform fans that they can watch a few games on broadband these days? Why doesn’t TSN want people to know about this site? I just don’t get it? :expressionless:

Maybe it's because TSN/CTV also support NFL. But if that was the reason, it sounds pretty petty to me.

It probably has to do with competing advertising revenue. While they are partners in terms of providing content in exchange for exposure, the websites can be seen as being in competition with each other. They both provide the same information and compete for advertising dollars.

Why would you as a web service providing news, highlights, results and stats provide a link to another website providing that same information?

From what I can tell, they also don't have links to NHL, NBA, or NFL. So why should the CFL be given special treatment? Just because TSN is the official broadcaster...? :expressionless:

Have you seen the quality of this site? Do you really blame TSN? As to why the CFL doesn't provide a link....have you seen the quality of this site??