CFL, TSN, ESPN3 and the cursed 4:3 format

WHY is the Als/Esks game being streamed in 4:3 format again. WHY?

Is this ESPN3's fault or TSN's? It makes no sense that EVERY GAME for the last several weeks has been 16:10 and now it's not! It feels like 2005 all over again. :x :thdn: :roll:

Probably streamed on the radio in HD. :lol: :lol:

Yeah probably. BUT NOT HERE :lol:

all the better for that I say.

long live 4:3 it in colour at least?

Looked to be 16:9 where I am...

On ESPN3, can the powers at be please put an end to that annoying Chick'fil'A commercial.


ESPN3 is all I got, let them do whatever they want. All hail our ESPN3 overlords!!!

I shouldn't seem thankless because I'm VERY grateful we get any games at all. The first 10 years I lived down here I couldn't get any.

It was fixed for the game last night btw, and today's game is fine also. Maybe it was a central Alberta hiccup.