CFL/TSN Agree to 6 year extension

Seems good for all involved. Grass isn’t always greener and I doubt Sportsnet was interested.

Keeps that snake company DAZN out of the CFL which is good news.

Is it we will dissolve the Argos and stop paying for the Alouettes if you don’t take this slug of a deal .

Why are they not allowing the open market dictate the terms ? Is it that bad in the big three .

Okay so a ratings incentive contract for who ?

Does the CFL now get a cut of the TSN advertising and sponsorships ? They are doing great this year compared to last years joke of advertisers .

If thats the case why stay on a cable network ?

TSN wants ratings they are the chief person responsible for the ratings ; they are then given advertising in lieu it should have absolutely nothing to do with the the actual money for the rights but the value in product and captured audience which is worth more than ever in history of pro sports as regular programming is no longer time imperative as the streaming with no advertising is the way of the future .

Its up to them to sell and it seems from just watching tonight numerous car advertisers , fast food , tech companies etc… they have a great variety of advertising and sponsors for the CFL with dominant brands . It doesn’t seem to be a problem at all and the CFL value is high for advertisers .

The problem is the same guys are paying to keep the show case GTA team alive and now a second team as well in a large market and maybe using that leverage to make the CFL a puppet league . Thats my chief concern .

I ask due to sheer ignorance, DAZN making bad deals or a bad product?

They’ve had streaming problems since they launched. A lot of buffering and pixelation problems during NFL games and boxing matches. Also error codes pop up on the screen. Not a smooth experience at all.

Unacceptable when you think about it. Current year should be current tech and all.

More information in this story, including why TSN likely wanted to extend their current deal with the CFL, now, with over two seasons remaining on the agreement reached in 2015:

Can we get some interesting and informed new panel members?

If we are staying old bring back Schultz
Thought I would like Hank…WRONG

Not only are you right with all this, but they buy up rights and make them exclusive, not giving Canadians a choice. For the NFL a large group of fans had to pressure the NFL directly into putting the Sunday ticket back on Cable.

Can you imagine all CFL games ONLY being available via a streaming service?

Yes. DAZN bought up a lot of the European soccer rights that was all viewable on TSN and the various Sportsnet channels. After that I had to set up my father with an Android box in order for him to be able to watch all his games. Well worth the money and works much better than DAZN.

Very odd considering how archaic the CRTC is, yet will allow a digital provider exclusive rights without a terrestrial alternative.

Money talks I suppose.

CRTC has no jurisdiction over NFL/European Leagues selling rights.

The TSN 6 year extension tells fans and sponsors that there will be financial stability for CFL teams . That is a good thing with the XFL 2.0 rising from the grave.

New ownership in Montreal and BC must feel better in their pursuit of the Als and the Lions .

This is good news. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the old person)

No just the broadcast rights in Canada.

Yes it is. Despite TSN’s shortcomings, their coverage of Canadian football has been a part of keeping the league alive through a few dark storms.

They also don’t regulate streaming companies.

Many have complained to the CRTC about DAZN, they’ve made it clear they can’t do anything.

If a sports league wants to sell their rights to them they’re welcome to.