CFL-TSN Advertising Demographics

Thankyou California and Saskatchewan for advertising on the CFL games last year.

Where is Arizona, Florida, Texas. Mexico - Just before the warm weather holiday season starts. Come on. Disney!

Where is B.C., Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and the maritime provinces. Where is CN with the cross Canada tour holiday.

Cities - who knows

Where are the Canadian Brewers, Craft Beer Companies., never heard of it.

My point is these all hit my Demographic. I have adult children 20 - 30 but I spend 100 times the money they do on these items. But we never see them advertise and I am told I am we are not the right demographic.

What better value can you have than a CFL game that reaches so many, also delivers video feed for their advertising money, hits every province all summer and fall.

Anyone else with ideas or reasons why not.

Thanks for bringing this up. I try to explain this 'til I am blue in the face. But no one seems to want to listen. TV contracts are not just about eyeballs. We pay far too much attention to ratings. Don't get me wrong, they're important (just not the be-all and end-all when it comes to determining the value of a deal).

Why do you think we see so many "War Amps" ads during a telecast?

To answer your question, I do think the CFL is under-valued among Media Buyers. All of my friends who follow the league may be in the 45-54 year old demo, but they have wealth. I honestly think part of this is due to Canadian advertising being centralized in Toronto, where the CFL's reputation/perception falls somewhere between tractor-pulling and beer league hockey.

But the ads for California etc have nothing to do with being a CFL sponsor, it’s TSN who runs them ads. They are paid to run them ads at all hours on TSN not just during CFL games.

The CFL major sponsors that pay to have their products exclusively on air during all CFL games are:
General Motors, Moores, Nissan, Purolator, Safeway and Wendys. Moores sponsored the CFL Fantasy Game, Wendys sponsored Friday Night football. Kal Tire and BF Goodrich were added last year.
Canadian Pacific was a major sponsor of the 2015 Grey Cup

CP is proud to be an official partner of the CFL, the 103rd Grey Cup and Grey Cup Festival in Winnipeg?
For instance:
Sylvaine Cuniberti, Marketing Director, Michelin North America (Canada) Inc had this to say on the partnership,“BFGoodrich® Tires is pleased to have this opportunity to reach millions of Canadians through the Canadian Football League and the Grey Cup to share our story of high performing tires, which are designed to meet a full range of terrains throughout the country from street to off-road.?
Look at the big advertisers at MLS games, they have major beer companies and Coke etc, they are going after the young demographic. The CFL is definitely older, Moores is for older men, that need a suit and they are not for women. Safeway - western grocery store, not for the young demographic. Canadian government puts military recruiting ads on Jays games, TFC etc, they want the young crowd and minorities.

It is what it is.

The NFL is far more glamorous than the CFL. That glitz/glamour appeals to young people. It is not until later in life (which is what happened to me) that you grow to appreciate the CFL. Unfortunately, (older) CFL fans do not spend like young people. And it applies to the overall economy. It is the reason that inflation has all but died in Japan, Europe and Canada. Trying to get people who are 50+ (baby boomers - of which there are a ton) to spend like they did when they were in their teens is a losing battle.

Having said all that, I still believe the CFL deserves and will do better than $43M/yr in our next TV contract. TSN got a deal and a half.

I would love to see a 1 hour condensed version of the 4 games of the week package on TSN. 12 min. to each game
I really enjoy the Blue Jays in 30min. segments where they show an entire ball game in less than 30 minutes.
Show it in off hours, or on a Tues night. Nobody has time to watch all four 3+Hr. games on the weekends.
If I wanted advertising, I would elect to pay for advertising on a popular show like this rather than Aussie football or darts, etc. and a fast paced show like this could certainly draw in that younger demographic they want.

Love that idea. :thup:

They already do this my friend. Not sure about how long the slot is but but can recall sitting at the bar once I get off shift and seeing condensed CFL matches, which had me thrilled because I missed them by being at work.

Really? I will look for it. I would love to see the highlights, too.