CFL Tryout Camps

Just wondering what the real chances are of being signed out of a CFL Tryout Camp? I know it's probably a longshot, but what do they look for? Is college exp. that big of a deal or do they go off the present here and now of a player? Any help is appreciated.

The Stampeders are bringing 19 players from their tryout camp in DeLand, Florida to their main training camp this June. Not sure how many players were at camp and I know they work their camp a little different than some of the other teams by bringing in players that they had contacted over the year not strictly players showing up to try out for the team.

The BC Lions will likely bring a few players from each of their tryout camps to their main training camp from what I understand based on some rumours out of camp.

What about the Esks?

The Lions found their current No. 1 QB at a tryout camp, plus many other starters…so, Yes it is worthwhile! :thup: